[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

Looking for more people interested in pvp and FW

Bumping for the best caldari corp

Great group, constant content

endless phrogs to kill, join up for constant small gang fights

Bump for Drake navies

bump for lp buyback

bump diggity

Join the fun. We are gaining pilots daily.

Hey, How active is FW at the moment? Looking to return to game dabbled in a little FW in past.
have another Char with something like 21 mil SP. but was maybe hoping to start fresh. what Min SP requirement do you have if any?

Thanks Tom.

It’s the most active content in EVE atm. Great time to hop in! The whole expansion is dedicated to it!

Hi there. Is there a good number of players online during AUTZ? I can only play after maintenance so I’m looking for a FW corp that has a decent number of players during that time.

It’s our slowest TZ but we have a AUS fleet up almost constantly. Deffinitely the most active AU TZ corp in Cal Militia though!

bump for adhd brain forgetting to bump

Come join the fun. Fight is on for Nennamalia.

bump for non stop content

Bump because our head of recruitment wont! :smiley:

The offensive in Nenn has been stopped and the offensive in Aldranette has regained it’s momentum. Join the fight today!

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Fleets in all time zones, join the fun today.

The new faction war changes are awesome, join today.

faction warfare expansion making FW awesome!