[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

Plexing wars, roams UCN has it all, join today.

UCN is the top corp in FW! Join today!

The beginning of the end for Gallente has started and Cal Mil along with UCN flipped the much contested OICX and Sujerento yesterday after months of battle. Join the war effort today.

We flipped pynekasto today and am in the process of flipping Hikkoken today thereby reversing the Gallente Offensive. Come join the war effort.

Hikkoken fell with the help of capital ships blowing up the bunker. Join today.

Erranoko was taken meaning we have taken 5 systems in 4 days. Join us to win the entire war zone. Join today.

Fleets of all kinds. Black ops, roams, plexing, UCN has it all. Join today.

UCN is still recruiting!

Hallanen has fallen cementing our control of our region. Join the war effort today!

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In yet another victory for THE STATE, Hasmijala has fallen to The State after two months of battle. UCN was well represented at the ihub bash. Join the winning team!

three cheers for the State!!

The UCN is open for recruitment

Black ops, roams, UCN has it all.

The wts are so upset they are losing they camped our out gate all night. They had no other defense. Join the winning team today.

Still recruiting!

We’re gaining new members every day with constant content. Join the fun.

We’re getting a lot of great content with the new FW changes. Join today.

Join one of the top FW corps in the game!

Fleets with other alliances all the time.

Recruitment is still open