Came back after 4 years..BUT..ohh, man...sooo complex game

Came back after been away 4 years. Have an excellent skilled pilot (see on EVEBOARD), 58 mil SP + have very many ships (even very expensive ships u/i Fleet Issue Battleships and 3 x optimal trained Tengu etc. etc.

BUT…problem is: what am I gonna do when logged-in game? Realy, I simply don’t know what to do, so after some 30 mins , well, just logg-out again (what else?). Graphics of the game are real excellent(!!!) to watch, that’s for sure, that I like. BUT there is nothing else for me to do. Tried an agent mission (failed), all kinds of AI ships shooting at my Tempest Fleet Issue (optimal fitted + optimal SP), dont even know where enemy fire is all coming from, while noticing my shields drop. Can’t realy shoot at enemy (hit them effectively), so, after say some 2 minutes I just warp away. But then, what am I gonna do? No chats & all gives lonely feeling. So I logg-out.

I think the game is realy excellent, BUT only for a select group of vetran players who know all the ins-outs of the game and which arewell-connected for many years with some select elite group.

And for people like me, well, I am conviced that this game is far tooooo complex to realy play for me; soo immense complex. In short: too difficult to learn to play this game for me within reasonable time-periode. lol

Just my true opinion how I experience it all.

Find a group guys that like to do the things you like. It will not take long to get up to speed on current tactics and missions ect.

It is complex which makes it that much more satisfying when you achieve goals.

Good Luck

PS - if you decide to quit, please send me your stuff :wink:

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Doesn’t try at all…
Complains that game is for vets…

Like seriously, 2 day old players are having more fun than you, go fit up a cheap ship, fly it to Black Rise and shoot some poor sap in the face! :smiley:


I live in Black Rise👍

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Shoot this guy then ^

He’s prolly up for the fight!

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If anything the game mechanics are a bit less complex than they were 4 years ago though there is more stuff in the game - notably Upwell structures. You have forgotten a lot and are trying to restart where you left off - bad idea.

Pretend you’re a new player, run a set of career missions and the SOE Epic Arc - refamiliarize yourself with the knowledge and skills you haven’t used for 4 years.

Eve is challenging and that’s the way most of us like it.

Good luck!

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If you cannot see what is shooting you perhaps you might need to check your overview settings and make sure all types of ships are being shown to you in space and on your overview. After 4 years it seems likely there are new things you are not seeing.

Do what Do Little suggested above…and join a group, as well.


However, if you decide not to play EvE, please contract me your ships and things before you go (right click on ship in hangar > “create contract” > “select all”) I would be most grateful.

In any case, all the best to you in your future entertainment! o/

If you would tell us what type of gameplay you are interested in (PvP, PvE, industry), how much time and how often you can spend on the game, what type of play you prefer (solo, team) and any other information about your gaming habits and preferences, maybe we could provide more useful and personalized suggestions to help you get on the path that is most tailored towards your playstyle.

If your Tempest is “optimally fitted”, Level 3 Missions should be an easy start for you. But I’m not sure about the new agency missions, some are quite hard to be solved solo.

What the OP said, “Came back after been away 4 years. Have an excellent skilled pilot (see on EVEBOARD), 58 mil SP + have very many ships”

Did you read what he said at all? or just wanted to act like a douchebag?

Ths all for yr kind and well meant constructive comments. I read all of them. As I earlier mentioned I allways highly regarded EVE Online as an excellent game (excellent graphics, excellent sounds, excellent playerbase etc. etc etc.) In fact, I never stopped liking EVE (!) even when I made my account dormant (sleeping) some 4 years ago. And yes, EVE for me has allways been some kind of exceptional very nice/beautiful space experience.

As to getting used to ins/outs of the game again (after having been away for a long time), well, must say that: I kind of have forgotten soooo much. And its (for me, personally) quite difficult to get to revive my former RL EVE-skills. And yes, EVE fcaus is a very complex game. So, atm I realy find myself as a “starter” again lol. I noticed that when online and by clicking on this or that, that bit by bit I seem to recognize things again: EFT, fittings, etc.)…slow…but bit by bit i rember things again. But this will realy take time, for sure, caus EVE is real complex to understand.

As I see it, I best do following: I intend to take it very easy and patiently: bit flying around, plan courses, do some fittings, carefully even visit low sec (cloacked! lol)…trusting that things will come back bit by bit. Some Covert -OP frigates would be excellent for doing bits of exploring the game (are very well cloacked lol). PvP for me atm not good choice: I seem to have real problems destroying even some level 2 agent mission AI pirates with Fleet Issue Battleships lol, those AI pirates seem to prevent me shooting at them (must be Electronic Warfare or something like that?..dont know yet), have to figure out how I can get around that, lol.

So, I decided to give it a patient (cloacked) try & lets see where I end-up in time, after a while, who knows:smiley:

It’s exactly the same as 16 years ago? Ok maybe since Apocrypha when I left but all I notice different is Ventures, no learning skills and MTU’s. Lots of little balance changes but I fitted my Apoc exactly the same to do exactly the same missions, went barge mining had to shoot a laser at a moon first, to mine exactly the same with different colored rocks. Jita is the market hub, the Goons moved south a bit, nullbears, low sec pirates, hisec gankers…my coffee mug on the same hook in the Imperial Academy lunchroom.

I gave him legit advice, solo PvP is what kept me in the game.

Also I dont have much patience for people who complain about lack of content that arent trying to look for it in the first place.

I don’t care who you are or what game it is, if you step away for 4 years you probably need to come back and take it easy for a little while to get back into things. Sure they said it pretty bluntly, but trying to shoot stuff for 2 mins and logging out isn’t much of a try.

A decent idea, might get a bit boring with a bunch of SP, but should give a pretty broad overview of things to do, and might trigger some old memories to help you get going again.


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