Can a dreadnought be pointed?

Only supercaps get bubbled because they have a lot of built-in warp stab: with max skills supercarrier gets 25 points, titan 50 points and faction titan really is not the issue here because it will draw the whole region to kill it anyways.

But regular capitals: dreads, carriers and FAX, are able to and will be scrambled as regular ships.

Although fitting stabs to a dread is pointless, small gangs it will dispatch with ease regardless and agaist large camps 5 to 8 stabs just wont help

Technically yes, but practically this is hard for a few reasons.

You enter warp 3 mins from initiating it regardless of velocity (assuming you’re not sufficiently warp destabilizied during that time). So you’ve got a hard 3 minute window from bumping it to kill the dread, which is no easy matter without a large gang. If the dread is active tanked though he’d probably be able to tank your gang anyway if you don’t have enough dps to kill him in 3 mins.

Speaking from experience, bumping caps is awkward, particularly dreads. You’ve got a few options. A full fleet streaming in to continuously bump him, a few properly fit bumping machs or even a nano lif/nidhoggur. The big issue is that however you try to execute it, bumping a dread involves flying right at it with very little transversal, which can be very suicidal.

Generally bumping caps is only used to get them out of POSes or off of tether.

Whats special about caldari and gallante stations?
“. If you decide to move a dread thru a low sec make sure you do so via systems with caldari or gallente non-kick out stations.”
Thanks for the help!

FYI… oh brave hunter… that fits warp core stabs.

The mechanics around stabs have changed. You can now only fit 1. And yes you can be pointed, a HIC with a script in lowsec where they cannot bubble can still stop you from warping.

Nothing, Minmatar and Amarr also have kickout stations (or very close to it depending on how quickly your client can load system). That’s the important bit: avoid kick out stations, period. I guess the “Caldari Research Outpost” type of station is infamous enough for being a kick out station.

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To answer your question(s) swiftly…

A standard Warp Disruptor and Scrambler :
Will prevent your Capital Ship from warping || Using the Jump Drive and Jumping Gates is still possible

A HIC (Heavy Interdiction Cruiser) Warp Disruption Field Generator :
(Heavy Interdiction Cruisers - EVE University Wiki)
Will prevent your Capital Ship from Warping and using the Jump Drive. || Jumping Gates is still possible.

There is also light dictors but these are irrelevant to low sec as their bubbles can only be launched in null sec.

Now I could write a wall of text on why and why not to gate a capital but I have seen that many before me have done that.

However… a sidenote.
Could be fun times to throw a HAW fit on it (google what it is if you dont know), grab a couple of mates and might as well get a nice fun fight out of it if you get caught.

Fly safe or dangerous whatever you prefer !

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Yea, I’ve long wanted to do that lol. Might do it if someday I get obscenely rich or cap prices come down to reasonable levels. Right now I wouldn’t go whelp a HAW dread just for fun pvp