Can a dreadnought be pointed?

Hello all,

SWIM has a dreadnought they need to move through lowsec. SWIM asked if he should fit all warp stabs in the lows for travel, others laughed and said you won’t get ganked by points, capitals get bubbled not pointed.

SWIM’s question wasn’t answered though, can a dreadnought be pointed? SWIM has to move a dreadnought from lowsec to Jspace and wants to minimize danger.

So, can a dreadnought be pointed, more importantly, does it have any effect?

Thanks all!

I am not a capital pilot, but to my knowledge if you’re pointed by a standard point/scram you won’t be able to jump at all* and won’t be able to warp without stabs. If you run into a HIC you’re screwed with or without stabs because that thing has 100 scramble strength. (no, you can’t get enough stabs to avoid that)

Personally I would fit cap rechargers or inertial stabilizers in the lows to recharge capacitor after jumping faster or align faster. Anyone hunting you worth their salt will have a HIC.

*jump disable may only apply to warp scramblers. I’m not 100% sure

We don’t expect a targeted hunt, I just don’t want to have a roam with 3 or 4 points hit it.

Thanks a bunch for your advice!

Say you have 8 warp core stabs then 5 ships with 10 points and web can point you and keep you from jumping or warping away. If your dread activates siege module then enemies cant point you but your dread is immobile for the duration anyway. If you decide to move a dread thru a low sec make sure you do so via systems with caldari or gallente non-kick out stations.

Thank you. The only issue Im having is with the cyno alt. A force recon ship is really needed!? They are quite expensive and take awhile to train into. Oddly, the cyno lighter is at more risk of being ganked than the capital (edit: it seems)

Any advice on that? Maybe have a scout for the cyno lighter before they take a gate?

Yes a dread can be pointed, as can any ship. I think what they were referring to is that most dreads die to masses of HICs/bubbles and either a nicely sized subcap fleet or a few caps, in nullsec. In lowsec theres no bubbles (HIC scripts still work though), so your dread has to be pointed to be prevented from warping off.

Travel-wise, I’d strongly suggest not gating the dread (unless you have scouts or backup ready), as it’s jump drive is an amazing tool for travelling safely, with either mobile cynos or force recon alts to light cynos.

However if you insist on gating, it’s really up to you. You might wanna roam with a pvp fit so if you get caught you atleast might have a nice fight. Alternatively you might wanna fit warp core stabs to avoid light tackle. You also might wanna fit stuff like an ECM burst if you do that. I don’t have any idea what a good travel fit dread would look like so this is just opinion from someone who really has no business discussing moving dreads, FYI.

I’d strongly suggest using a Mobile Cynosural Beacon. They cost about 35M and can’t be unanchored after being deployed so it’s basically adding a fixed 35M ish per cyno jump, but you save the cost of needing a cyno alt as you can use anything to move the cyno beacons, just make sure the alt is in fleet with you when deploying it so you can jump to it. Also do note they are 400m3 each so some sort of industrial that can use MWD-Cloak trick is a good idea


No you can use mobile cynos which are 30m isk a pop on sale. The required skill for it takes a day to train, anchoring 3 btw. I know very expensive but since you asked that might be an alternative.
As for gating? No dont, gating the dread is riskyd. If you wanna suicide and lose the ship then gating is way to go.


Thank you firstly for your input. I will look into mobile cyno. Are any skills needed for it? I only see anchoring, that it?

Also what is the cloak MWD trick? Any videos on it?

I already have the skill, which is nice.

I will do the mobile cynos! Thanks.

Do you know what the MWD-Cloak trick is by chance?

Mwd cloak or otherwise called frag warp. This is how you do this: 1. Jump in, click align to the next gate 2. Immediately hit Mwd then cloak. 3. 1s before your mwd cycle ends turn off cloak and hit warp to the gate. In theory the enemy wont be able to lock you before you decloak to warp. In practice fast decloaking dramiels or ceptors will catch you.
Search youtube for eve frag warp, there are vids of deep space transport pilots doing it.

Just web it with your fleet. It will warp faster. Fit it for subcap engagement. And primary any ship that can cyno a fleet of caps on top of it.

I would think they are more referring to the fact/confusion that titans are special and can’t be scrammed/pointed by anything but a scripted HIC, or bubbled.

No you only need anchoring skill to deploy the mobile cyno. As for the MWD-Cloak trick, yes theres many videos on it, so I’d suggest you go look it up on youtube

Could be, I guess. But since he specifically mentioned dreads idk how that’d get mixed up

Given that at least one biggie ship has this feature it can be confusing that not all caps/supercaps have it.

You could always get a group together and try it out on the test server

Titans with perfect skills have 51 points of warp core strength. If there’s 52 ships using normal warp disruptors on it, it can’t warp.

When you are stationary such as at a gate,

  1. hit align button then cloak followed by mwd. CLick mwd again before it’s cycle ends to turn it off .
  2. when mwd cycle is almost over, click uncloak to uncloak then jump button, you will then insta warp

I assume it can be stopped from warping by bumping aswell