Can I block rude people?

I will not ask for help here again. Trolls

Don’t mine simple as that. The market is a live market, so its constantly changing just like RL. supply demand change the market, environmental changes, changes the market, mine different ORE. do incursions, be a pirate, join CODE… Join corps who run services that pay good isk for said services…

There’s so many avenues to really make isk.


Your bought a subscription for EVE Online.
You did not buy a subscription for “I can mine in highsec for a year and make profitable returns”.




I was half afk mining all the evening in Highsec, if those Beltrats wouldn’t kill Mining Drones, it would be even less “dangerous”. So I presume you’ve chosen a bad spot for mining.
Tip: Look for a System at least 10 jumps away from Jita AND Amarr and with little traffic.
Example: This remote Region has plenty of highsec systems: Derelik. And when you switch to “jumps24”, you can see where it’s really calm around.
Also nice regions: Tash-Murkon, Everyshore, and many more.

And if you’re not sure if you like MMOs, you should try Alpha first, that’s a free trial exactly for that purpose.

Make sure not to whine but to adapt, or you will ragequit sooner or later (well, rather sooner).

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Didn’t think my response was rude, nor was scoots. If hearing that hurts your feelings, maybe this game isn’t for you


Players on the forums can actually be quite helpful… but, they will also pounce on forum whining. Quite frankly, I’m surprised the response was as muted as it was.

If you want advice on how to survive and make money ask. Specific questions are better.

And not for nothing, but you come of as someone who got mad that he didn’t get a pity party. Hopefully, I’m wrong though, because it’s indicative of a mindset that isn’t very compatible with Eve. Regardless, if you start asking me questions, I’ll answer them earnestly.

And if you’re going to start blocking people off of what’s been said so far in this thread, you can start with me first.

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Friend Oneknock, if you find the new citizen’s forum subsection - which is much more polite than the other subforums and certainly much more so than in the game itself - to be too difficult for you to handle then you probably won’t be in EvE very long.

So I will preemptively wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavors.


May I ask who trolled you? As none of the replies before you edited your post was trolling you.

EVE is a PvP game, don’t whine/complain if PvP happens to you.
High-sec =/= complete safety.
And being alpha or omega doesn’t change it either.

Looks like an easy solution:

You tried EVE, found out it isn’t the game for you.
You might want to keep your search for a game that gives you joy.

Good bye

Cause it is in NCQA…

Would this have been in GD :smirk: :smirk:

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