Can i get a job in the art department?



Looks like you’re qualified, to me.

Can you not show the freaky background? It help push that application along.

I have on a few flights to ZZ got to see the system without the “cloud” effects. ZZ is by an actually pretty planet. I saw it on a cloudless approach.

How does that pattern make an EVE player think of ‘random scribbles’?

Something tells me you’ve never looked at the ingame map…


I was curious how long it will take till someone mentioned those are the star lanes of the New Eden map. Took a while that’s for sure. :thinking:

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Like, it’s a pretty iconic pattern for EVE, isn’t it?

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Well I very rarely use the in-game map, if I use one it is the third-party Dotlan instead. But regardless it was obvious it is the game map.

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