Can I get a title ( BPC, PI, invention, starship )

Can I get a title ( something biggest that I can see easily ) when I m in a citadel or an ingénieries complexe ?
I m travelling lot of time between invention BPC, reaction, structure starship and citadel ( PI ).
Any suggestion ?

My eyes hurt reading that.

Upon further investigation, i have no clue wtf you want.


The double “ll” is pronounced like an “i”

From what I can tell he is asking what ship or title in his corporation is the best maybe
:100: translated

When i m treavelling bertwen structure, i dont know where I m. I need some information like a big titlle, that say you are in the raitaru invention or your are in the ingenierie complexe for reaction or…
something big I can see easely. Sorry, I m not fluently in english…

A POS, can do all the activities in one place.

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Engineering complex can do bonused builds for say ships, but so can a non-engineering structure that is not an engineering complex without the bonus.

When checking a complex go to ‘services’ it should tell you what if any service is offered.

I think I get it. He wants to know what are the structure he is in is bonused to.
Like, rig bonused.

Or maybe it’s not that.

like you can see I put myself a title and around it a red box

That’s just name of player owned structure…

Click on that station name that you linked, show info. It’ll tell you what station type you’re in.

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I believe the poster and it does make sense wants it more pronounced what structure he is at which I believe would only appl to Player stations aka structures.

I wonder if this isnt a Alliance thing to have better naming conventions for their structures to make it more obvious as I have seen this in not telling u what Alliance.

Me I cannot even tell what system I am in too many alts

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