Can i gift someone the 10 day 500,000sp alpha skill injectors that you can buy in the store?

I couldn’t find a better place to ask this question so forgive me if this is the wrong place, id like to gift a friend those skill injectors, is it possible? Can i give it to him through the game?

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Yes, the Alpha Skill Injectors bought from the NES are items that are redeemed into your Items Hangar which can then be used by you (activated), sold on market (traded) or given to another character (gifted) via Personal Contract or in-station Trade.

Each Alpha Injector can only be used by Alpha Clone characters once a day to add 50.000 unallocated Skillpoints to the character which can only be applied to Alpha level skills.

Just remember, Alpha Clone characters can train Alpha skills for free up to a maximum of 5 million skill points. After that they can use Alpha Skill Injectors to increase their Alpha skills up to 20.5 million skill points.

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