Can i gift someone the 10 day 500,000sp alpha skill injectors that you can buy in the store?

id like to gift a friend those skill injectors, is it possible? Can i give it to him through the game? i noticed it isnt actually an item in the game so im not sure how i can give it out

What? Skill injectors are items in the game, but you can’t buy them on the NES. You can only buy Skill Extractors from the NES, which you can also gift to people. There is an option for that, or at least there used to be.

Besides that, how comes you don’t know skill injectors are items in game?

Uh … May I introduce you to Alpha Skill Injectors?

You can buy those as Gift in the store for another character.

Woah! Okay! I forgot! But they exist in the game too!

Ah thanks! didnt see you can gift them to people through the NES

■■■■, I’ll take em!

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