Can I raise my Amarr Faction Standings by

doing Amarr security missions? I am -2.13 and have 4 in diplomacy. I am just looking to get it to zero and not sure I want to run the SOE arc again.

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You can run L1 missions for Amarr corps and with their storyline missions, you can easily improve your Amarr Empire faction standing.

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The trick to make it less painful is to pick one Amarr NPC corporation and focus mission running for them.
The Theology Council (all levels very near Amarr) and Emperor Family (because of better taxes on the Amarr market) are good options.
The level of mission you can access is the higher of your standing with the agent, the NPC corp or the Empire.
Each successful mission increases the Agent standing and the NPC corporation standing. Every 16th mission you get a storyline mission that gives Empire standing.

So, you’ll be starting with, say, Theology Council level 1 missions, but as TC standings increase you’ll unlock level 2 missions and higher while still being low standing with the Empire.

Higher level Missions give better rewards and standings. Missions in lower security areas (say 0.6 rather than 1.0) also give better rewards.

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If you are between -2 and 0 with amarr empire youll only have access to L1 agents, regardless of agent or corp standings

One way to fix it will be doing the career agents. You have 3 choices to do them.

You can also contact United Standings Improvement Agency (USIA).

Provided that none of those standings is below -2.0.


Look up “faction standings repair plan”.
Yes, you can raise your standings by doing security missions, but it will take awhile.
United Standings Agency will do the work for you, if you don’t mind paying.

Yes I am quite helpful, you’re right.
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Stop… The Ministry of Internal Order would be a better choice as a focus NPC corp for Amarr, for the reason that they are the starting point for the Amarr Epic Arc.

You need at least -2.00 Standing with all and at least 5.00 Standing with the Agent, their Corporation or Faction.

So, if you focus on the MIO corp and reach 5.0 standing with them, for as long as your standing with Amarr is above -2.0 you will be able to do the Epic Arc. And the Epic Arc will help you gain a good amount of standings with Amarr without the negative derived standings for regular storyline missions.

Edit: after a second read, the OP doesn’t want to run the SoE again… but still, the idea of running missions for the MIO is a better choice in case the Amarr Epic Arc becomes a goal.

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Like @Xuxe_Xu said, check out ‘The Plan’… You can run specific agents to quickly fix your situation, like the Amarr Data Center ‘Tag’ agents.

Course it’s best to first train up the Social skills, mainly Diplomacy, Social and Negotiations.

One option is to run Caldari security missions if you can. You’ll get a secondary bonus to allied faction (i.e. Amarr) standings for each Storyline you run, and so far as your Caldari Standing is above -2.0, you won’t be stuck grinding level 1 missions for ever.

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