Can i split the 6x multiple pilot training certificate into two 3-months additional skillqueues?

As title reads: if I buy the 6x multiple training licence (the one on the NES that sells for 1500 plex), can i add two skillqueues to my account or am I only going to be able to add a single 6-months additional skillqueue? Just wanted to make sure!

EDIT: i’m talking about splitting the licence between two characters on the same account, not over multiple accounts!

thanks for the help

Most likely its for one acct

I think what they’re asking is whether they can split the 6 months across the other two characters on their account or if they must apply it all to one character.

I said acct but its most likely only one char. See if there is fine print to read

I found surprisingly little written information about this, this is why I came here to ask :slight_smile:

You can split it into two, it is 6 separate MPTCs, you can split them however you want on the one account. Two 3 month queues works fine.

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As you activate an MCT you can select between adding it to “extra training timer 1” or if timer 1 is already active “extra training timer 2”. That means that you can indeed have 2 extra training timers of 3 months or one for 4 and the other for 2 or any other combination.

Thanks a lot for your answers, so it’s just how I assumed: that’s great to hear.

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