Can I use any of these 2?

I know I know should fly Domenix if I can but Im so damn sick of drones and that ship. But I got a little problem Im at 6mill SP and alpha (no I can´t pay for omega I get enugh money every month to pay bills and food that´s it)

So becuse I can not train for cruise missiles atm the moments and I don´t have the isk to by enugh alpha injectors. I wonder do any one have a fit for a Hyperion and Rokh that uses large projectiles so I can at least do level 4 missions even if it may not be optimal but I honestly don´t give a damn about isk per hour I just want to be able to do level 4 missions now and then.

Alphas can’t use L4 mission agents. You can assist on an L4 mission if an Omega starts it and you tag along, but that’s it…

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Or you can simply train up another character to use Caldari ships and missiles…


ahh I forgot ■■■■ people for not paying Man I had hoped with everything being locked away at least level 4 missions was okey but apparently that´s why to much free isk with no risk. We can´t have people pay omega time with level 4 missions that would ruin the whole game.

It was done to stop bots. Sucks for legitimate alphas, but it’s the fault of people who buy from RMT’ers, not CCP.

Anyway, you should check out WTM. Wait list times have been kind of long as of late thanks to an influx of new players, but you can make damn good money as a newbro (125mil/hr). you can start with a hyperion or a rokh, but you’ll need to be able to fit meta hybrid blasters (and meet the tank requirements). So, you might need to buy 1 or 2 daily injectors, or start a fresh alpha and train him from the ground up. Here’s the rookie guide, and here’s the fits page.


Man to hell with booter / gold sellers they always destroy for others I mean look at black desert online to battle gold seller´s they made so you can´t trade with other players what so ever other than market.

Thanks for the info.

Don’t know but there should be corporations out there that can get you access to lvl 4 missions without having to join, it could be passive income for the the person/corp.

I myself have:

  • Sister of Eve lvl 4 access
  • Caldari (all), lvl 4 access
  • I believe a faction of Amarr as well, but I have to fact check that.

There are people willing to get you missions but got to communicate.

To clarify, no corp can get an Alpha clone direct access to level 4 missions, but there are groups who will run L4 missions with Alphas along. Incursions are probably more profitable, though, to either Plex into Omega or buy skill injectors (Alpha, small or large) to train up additional skills.

WarpToMe (WTM) and The Ditanian Fleet (TDF) both offer public Incursion fleets, with newbros welcome to take part - both also expect that you will put the majority of your income early-on into improving your ship/skills to pull your weight in fleet. Some corporations/alliances also have in-house Incursion fleets (possibly running Vanguards rather than HQs) that, while not necessarily as profitable as WTM or TDF, can provide additional opportunities to learn about Incursions and work up to the fitting/skill requirements in a smaller or more consistent group.

You fleet up, Alpha does level 4 mission, gets drops and shares bounty, and I believe LP depends on how it’s set up and standings to go up quickly to lvl 3’s.

This the emphasis on direct in my response.

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