Can index costs for m-o be reset?

Certain somebody built 340 nyxes, that has quite messed with the index cost, it’s nearly 30b to start a titan now. Can the index be reset for m-oee8?

only by not manufacturing in it for quite some time.

Oh please no

facing same problem. wanna build a palatine keepstar, requires 50 trillion isk which is impossible to get…

I put a titan in production today for around 5b, so use the opportunity until costs spike again.

And the new mirror is just a week old and here we are again.

I know there’s a lot more important things to do, but if people could be doing less ‘Self-Destructing Freighters for Insurance Fraud’ and more ‘Testing’ that would be great

to cook titan best is to do it in other region index cost spiked to roof

are there any systems with seeded Sotiyo’s?

no u need freight it yourself est is npc station seeded close to sov null, to bloom you need small pos first then put citadels

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