Can my Gila handle a Blood Raider 5/10?


I just got my first Blood Raider 5/10, Psychotropics Depot.
Currently flying a Gila, fit linked below, and was wondering if it will be enough to handle the site. The last two rooms look pretty brutal. Any tips for tackling it?

[Gila, Heela]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier
Pithum C-Type Thermal Dissipation Amplifier
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II

Valkyrie II x2
Hammerhead II x2
Salvage Drone I x4
Vespa II x2
Infiltrator II x2

Inferno Fury Light Missile x1518
Mjolnir Fury Light Missile x1506
Scourge Fury Light Missile x2600
Core Scanner Probe I x16

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I have run Guristas 5/10 in a Rattlesnake.

I would not try it in my Gila.


It’s possible, but you have to prioritize targets like battlecruisers, towers, and destroyers.

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Doable but not with RLML, last room has 3 webbing towers at a long distance from warping point so you may need to switch to HMLs, and after they gone just burn out from rats to make a distance and prioritize targets.

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I tried something similar a couple of days ago. It is doable, but very slow. Returned to my home base, got a BS e chewed the complex. It’s way easier and faster.

:grinning: I did one of these last night in an active tank tengu…the sight has decent DPS that at times had me at 50 percent shields. I would not recommend a Gila.

Thanks folks. I got through the first two rooms last night but just can’t handle room 3. Returning now with a Dominix

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Not sure why you have RLML… Your only chance at survival is range tank and kite.

I used to run the ■■■■ out of this one. I’ve done it in a Stratios and a Machariel.

In a Stratios it was a pain in the arse and I wouldn’t recommend it. I flew straight up and basically range kited until the cruisers and frigates were dead (room 2), after that it’s pretty easy. You can probably do it in a gila, but don’t use rapid lights. You’re gonna need all the range you can get!

The machariel smashed this mission in minutes. I’d recommend a battleship if possible.

Edit: Oh, also just wanted to add. Usually Blood Raider missions are harder because of the neuts and webs (ie: Blood Minor Annex :skull_and_crossbones:). This particular one is one of the easiest 5/10s as long as you don’t get neuted by the cruisers…

Edit 2:

You can snipe out the overseer, bookmark the wreck, leave for 3-5 minutes and warp to the wreck to save an assload of time and make it much easier on yourself. When you activate warp from off grid if you don’t get the “5/10” popup you know the site has despawned and you’re good to warp directly

That is an unrated DED complex and those are much harder by default and usually not worth doing.
In a DED complex you at least always get the tier in the end and maybe some deadspace modules or a blueprint copy and if you are really lucky you get both.

In an unrated complex you may not even get a green mod.

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Its easy in my stratios, same as Blood 6/10 and Sansha 5/10 and 6/10

Never thought about using Gila tho :disappointed:

Imo this site is fairly tame as far as blood raiders go. The Neuting isn’t extreme, you don’t have a ton of scrambler frigs, the webbing towers are all fairly low hp. The problem here is with medium drones and rapid lights, you will have a very hard time killing the battleships. You also lack damage projection, so the stasis towers in room 3 will make you a sitting duck. I would say beating this site is theoretically possible with your setup but it will rake many hours and many warp outs torecharge your buffer.

This site hit my tengus armor just a little bit, a blingy tengu no less. Didn’t need to warp, was surprised and had to overload sheildbooster to stay on grid. No way a Gila could not do it without too many warp outs to make it too isk inefficient.

My gila did. Last room is tricky. Web towers must die asap.

i see my post got no love. you prioritize neuting NPCs first and hold range with HML IIs

This site can be easily done in a cheap 500 mil Tengu (T2 fit + Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster + storyline cap battery). No need to bling at all.

I went in with no previous knowledge of the site, was taken by the neuts. I took a WH from my angel home null that took me to lowsec around the EVE gate arra. After running it once, it would be faceroll to do it again.

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