Can no longer select custom profiles with new launcher ver 6.5.1

Same here, profiles are gone from launcher, but seem to be still there in OS folder. @CCP_Aurora this is urgent!

Looks like they made a “simple” settings menu in the launcher and moved the (old) “more advanced” settings menu to the notifications area in the Windows taskbar.
The “Profile Management Tool” still seems to work from there on my system but i can’t see that you can choose profiles on the accounts. Checked and I can only save server profiles and use them between servers.

Why CCP always needs to “fix” things that are not broken and in doing so BREAKS THEM??? Just so the User Interface menu looks “pretty”

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@All Does anyone know where the mapping of each profile to the account is?

Somewhere it must be stored, which profile/folder name should be used with the account.

Each profile is saved in a folder named after the pilot, under %appdata%./local/ccp/eve/c_shared… and then as core_char and core_use .dat files. It would seem these are still being used as i can see the file dates have been updated, as they always are after each login. they have just removed the ability to select the profiles for whatever reason only known to them at this point.


That is exactly what I am asking. I know where the folders are, my question is where the current account->current used profile name mapping is stored. so I could change it by hand.

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Well this is a right pain in the butt… I don’t understand why CCP would remove our ability to select profiles for different accounts…

I can’t fathom how someone could do this either accidentally and not notice or intentionally and thought it didn’t matter? :roll_eyes:

This was an extremely useful feature and we would really like to have it back, please.

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You can still access these options from tray icon.

Nope. You can just choose exactly one profile per server not e.g. one profile with high settings for one character and one profile mit medium settings for the alt characters.

CCP: Removel of setting profiles was intended : Eve (

Hey everyone, this change is being reverted - thank you for all the feedback.

A new client patch is currently being created and we are aiming to be able to deploy it and restore this functionality for tomorrow.


Thanks, @ CCP_Aurora.

@Valter_Kring @Chribba @Eofar @Blesniv

Tagging everyone not in this thread that I can readily find who has been discussing this to see Aurora’s post above; I’ll quote it to the Known Issues thread too for visibility.



Praise Bob But CCP why did u even have to give us a heart attack like that? Try to keep in mind some of ur long time subscribers aren’t in the best of health, you tried to off me w a stroke or heart attack. How about u leave what’s not broken alone and focus on what is broken and on new content.

Not as Pissed Off Oldest Player in Eve but Still Kinda Bent You Even Did That,

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