"Can we capitalize on it?"

Terrorist Group Took Responsibility For Jita Attack

After a week of silence, an anonymous source provided a holovid message from members of terrorist group Templis Dragonaurs taking responsibility for the recent failed terrorist attack on Jita 4-4 space elevator. Navy intelligence tries to identify the source of the message and verify the statement.

Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau - Quantum Sea Corporation HQ

26 December YC 122

— Any idea who it can be, Ar?

— Nope. But I’m sure that it’s not our people. Maybe just some thugs tried to make a name for themselves using our “brand”?

— I must admit, overall I like the idea. To blow the elevator and give a rest for those on the moon… And do it with primitive old-fashioned nuke. Fascinating!
Listen, are you sure that it’s not your worker friends? If I remember correctly their leader is Dragonaur too? How is his name, Galm, right?

— Correction, former Dragonaur. But yes, Galm. I think you heard about him in the context of triangle lovers. But as I said, can not say for sure.

— Anyway, can we capitalize on it? It’s said already, so maybe it would be better to use instead of distancing?

— I… Don’t think so. Yes, all is cool, but it’s failed attempt. Don’t know about you but I want to look at least somewhat professional. Not to say about excessive attention.

— Hmm, you have a point… Okay, if anything will pop up, I’ll be in cafeteria. I need to think about something…


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