Can we get the UI functionality decoupled from world rendering?

why is the UI not functioning properly in lag tidi fights?
Can’t even press buttons or type in chat when the game is busy processing thousands of players, this doesn’t have to be that way, user interface doesn’t require a lot of CPU power.

You can’t really decouple the UI elements like overview or HUD from the player activity in the system. Chats, on the other hand, should not be impacted by any of this. They are cluster external service now, after all.

why can’t you decouple refresh loop of the UI from the rest?

Synchronising issues with what’s going on in space, I would say.^1

no, thats nonsense.
You look at the data the client already has and refresh it at a higher rate, thats it.
Raises responsiveness of the UI, no stuck buttons etc would be the result.

Because many actions require feedback from the server to complete.

It is not about technology, it is about program flow control and logic.

client requiring feedback does not mean that the UI needs to stuck.
its a purely technological issue.

are you too stupid to understand basic technology patterns which would allow the sofware to be implemented as asked here??
When UI elements need server feedback, you display/react to them accordingly - this is a non-issue and in no way an argument against responsive interface, Idiot…
Now get the hell out of my thread and go troll someone else.

You want an hourglass cursor? Or you want every single button to add a third, waiting, visibility state?

You press cloak
The client checks with the server because there are rules about proximity
The client gets a response and cloaks the ship

You want to add something to that, fine. In that scenario the most that could be done is to show the button flashing or something.

There is no global fix, just your global whine.

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yes, I want to be able to type in chat normally and yes I want clickable buttons and unrelated parts to work normally even when the server struggles a bit.

fck off now as you obviously have no other argument against it other than ~effort~, which is a bit silly in F&I section of the forum.

I see, so you paniced and pressed the button twice, turning off that which you wanted to be on. Then in the frenzy you also missed the fact that you turned it off and as a result experienced a heart wrenching pixel death.

Got it :rofl:

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you’ve got nothing, dummy.

In before the lock!


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