Can we have easier access to DED sites for testing purposes?

I’ve noticed that in places like Eve university, documentation about DED sites is lacking in some places and in others, it could use some more detail.
I think a big part of why it’s hard to get information about the game is that the content itself is rather difficult to come across.
I believe that if the test server allowed players to more easily access content like DED sites that would otherwise need to be scanned down or dropped as an escalation, it would be easier to document the content in wiki pages or figure out optimal fittings without needing to be space rich on TQ to afford all the tests and possible failiures.
On a related note, does anyone know if fleet strongholds besides the Serpentis one have gimmicks for staying outside the 50km web range? (like how the serpentis one doesn’t rep)

on test server find unclaimed 0.0 system or even -1.0 if lucky…
get infrastructure hub get territory claim unit
entosis them both
use /boostsov
install upgrades to infrastructure hub
wait for server downtime
after downtime you will have DED sites and unrated complexes aswell…

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