Can we please get more presets?


The 3 options are currently:

  1. Dog ■■■■
  2. Dog ■■■■ but different
  3. Ultra

can we get some medium / high grounds in there? something where I can like the visuals given to me but don’t have to run my PC so hard? I normally play on Max settings but when I start up all 3 of my clients I have to start reducing settings if I don’t want to hear the fans spool up all heavy

More presets wouldn’t be bad, but if you call two of the three options

…then maybe your priorities aren’t memory or performance and the third option would be best for you.

The other two options are optimized in their own way.

If we get more presets it won’t be optimized, but will be some compromise in between these three options.

How about we can save our own presets? Wild idea, right?

Quality is annoying because it activates options that I don’t want with Quality, like Drone Models, useless Asteroid Field Effects or Trails. Likewise, Performance deactivates completely irrelevant options like character texture quality but also important things like Effects.

Personalized Presets have been requested for years. It is high time that we get them.


Yep, that would work well, as players can then choose their balance between graphics and performance tailored to their machine.

Just more presets defined by CCP will never be exactly what you want, nor optimized.

Too wild for CCP, it involves probably touching 20 year old code. That means rumbling volcanos, desks and flickering lights like some apocalypse.

Low hanging fruit is a property value change.

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