EVE Settings Idea - Automated Graphical Settings Optimization

As we all know, EvE is a game that can get rough for even more modern computing equipment. Potato mode has become a funny, yet very important, moniker while playing EvE in any large fleets battles. Although I thoroughly appreciate having the option to easily and quickly switch between different graphical settings, I find (as I think many do) that in the end it is much more simple to just plop your client in potato mode and leave it there. This is a shame considering the wonderful work and advancement that the Art Team have done over the years. EvE has become a beautiful simulation of space and spaceships, and I would love to see something implemented that would allow those players who can run EvE on its most gorgeous settings to be able to see the beauty of the world more often in their play without any hassle.

What I propose, if it is feasible to code into the game, is a couple of different option on our graphics settings page dealing with optimization of settings. I have been trying to find the best way to put this idea into words, and I think the easiest way to explain it is by writing out a bit of an equation/code.

  If(local.count) >= (1000)
       Then(optimize.settings) = (performance.mode)
       Else(optimize.settings) = (quality.mode)

In this example, the count of 1000 in local, as well as the “Performance” and “Quality” modes would be user defined in the settings menu.

  If(OpenClient.count) >= (3)
       Then(optimize.settings) = (performance.mode)
       Else(optimize.settings) = (quality.mode)

As in the example above, the open client count of 3, as well as the “Performance” and “Quality” modes would be user defined in the settings menu.

I would love to hear some feedback from the community as to if this is something that would help others. I know that there are those that will say “Why, just dont be lazy and change your settings”, and I understand that point of view. With that in mind I hope that others will also see the benefit of my suggestion.

Fly safe Capsuleers! o7

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This has been used in other games to great success. Where you have a default setting then a large fight setting.

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I would be very happy with at least 2 custom settings so that I do not have to click all the boxes every time I need to change to potato or partial potato mode.

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Honestly, I wish it could be taken a step further, and allow us to switch between profiles on the fly (in order to change graphics settings, resolution and window placements). But, I don’t know what’s feasible or not when it comes to coding.

Regardless, +1 to streamlining the ability to switch graphics settings.

There is already a feature that allows you to quickly swap (Right side of the graphics settings tab, the box that says “Optimize Settings”)

What I proposed is to automate that based on user settings.

I don’t believe it would be that hard to code window opening coordinate into the launcher, though the idea of being able to hotswap them with clients already open is a great idea.

Thanks for the +1 and added ideas

I think he’s talking about being able to toggle off/on all the effects from the middle column. For example, if you’re flying logi, it can be useful to see where lasers and missile trails are going so that you can see who has aggro if someone forgot to broadcast. Thus, even if you’re flying in potato mode, you might want to keep those particular effects on.

Of course, I stopped changing my all my graphics settings a while ago. Now, I just always fly in potato mode light. I turn everything off/down as far as it can go, except that I leave the shader on low (it dramatically improves graphics for a relatively low cost), and I keep on the settings that allow me to see lasers and missile trails.

No, this is absolutely not the same. If you do that, the game activates all sorts of garbage that I do not need activated or changes settings to undesirable values. For instance, if you select Quality, EVE sets AA to deactivated for some weird reason, but it activates useless garbage like drone models or asteroid effects. :slight_smile: Hence, none of the available settings do at all what I want the custom settings to do.

Not just the middle column. I want to just click on the drop down menu and select my preferred setting and it changes all graphics settings according to my preferences. In a perfect world this would work across all settings pages so that it also turns off Sound (which is the biggest CPU gobbler) and Chat Logging but I am a modest person and don’t expect unreasonable things.

CCP has already given us one massive click reduce when they introduced linkable broadcast settings. So there is hope that this will eventually become a thing for settings, too.

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