Can you make jump gates that lead out of prov

Can you as this could lead to some very juice isk if so escpaily if you can put them into prov

don’t Kill me for grammar or spelling

What about lack of syntax and punctuation? Can we mention that?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


fine you can mention that

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Is this really you? You just gave yourself away. You still owe me a frozen corpse and NO you are not my Princess!


I will allow that!

I’m still very counfused but okay because if you start saying I’m one of aikos alts have you seen my zkill

Your very existence here Pilot does magically align with a fixed point in time for you to even bring up such name. Aside from that there are a few frozen corpses and none belong to a real Princess.

The day you went from dumb new guy to aiko defender was the nail in your coffin. I thought it was pretty obvious at the time and not worth mentioning.

But too subtle for most of the regulars, apparently. Except Iceacid, of course.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I don’t think I ever did an if I did some one was saying something very stupid and if you start with the give me one bill thing it was because we were trying to get a station for my corp

Sure! When I kill you it won’t be for grammar and spelling, just because it’s eve and because I can… (it’ll be a bonus though!)

You would have to ask the owners of Providence if they can do this, or more likely, if you can access their jump bridge network.

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