Can you remove edencom/triglavian buffs/debuffs from systems?

There is a dazh liminality in my mission system (Arraron)

Is there any way to remove/altar this past the invasion?

Yes, the can include penalties, but they also give bonuses, improve depth, and introduce some variation to the systems of New Eden. Try to make use of the effects in the systems you play in. And if those effects just don’t work for you, go play in other systems.

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That Trig shits debuff will never go away as Arraron is a Trig Minor victory. These things are now a relic of yet another abandoned feature in EVE to annoy people instead of providing fun gameplay.


Its a tad early to say its abandoned yet we might still see another wave of this i am sure CCP would love to remove Uedama to make the Amarr/jita trip be low sec only.

Star systems in EVE are all very much alike. Only wormholes had some powerful system-wide bonuses that affect the way we players play, until recently.

While they added a new region, Pochven, CCP also added more variety in solar systems with system-wide buffs and debuffs, much like those special wormhole systems, in order to encourage players to make use of those bonuses.

They did the same with the moving storms in null space. New system-wide effects that may alter optimisation choices for players in those systems.

One way to look at it is to pessimistically think that CCP forgot to clean up their mess, because you somehow think everything in EVE is a mess. (Zhalyd)

Another way to look at it is that CCP added this variety in system bonuses in low and high sec intentionally as they have added similar variety elsewhere in EVE. And that this content is just as ‘abandoned’ as the storms and wh effects after they added them, i.e. not abandoned at all, but intentionally put into the game to create more variation in the universe, during a huge player-driven event that also created an entire 5th new region of space.


this was never player-driven.

The choice of systems and the way systems progressed to either side was defined by CCP. The choice to turn the first 3^3 systems that hit final liminality into a new region was defined by CCP too.

However, the outcome of of each individual system was player driven. For example Niarja could have been a regular high sec system, but players flipped it over, which was reason for CCP to turn it into Pochven.

CCP defined the rules, players played the game. The outcome was definitely player driven.

it was a player-driven lookalike. ccp wanted it this way and they got it.

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Uedama was never going to be removed; wrong sun type. Although, having it go into Trig Minor Victory would arguably be more damaging, judging from the past few months of escalating deaths as a result of the fleets spawning from the Pochven wormholes.