[CANCEL]WTS 28M SP Capital Ships Pilot - 329K Unallocated


Selling char Nuclear Powered Eve

I will receive ISK and pay for transfer.

No kill rights
In NPC corp
B/O: 17B

Pretty sure you’re better off extracting the character for that price. Otherwise it should sell fast :slight_smile:

I’d buy but my isk is wrapped up and just bought another char today.

thank u.

Offering 16B right here and now. Ready to send ISK

sorry, i will cancel this sale.

@Ronimil Epic move. You would buy, but because you can’t might as well not let anyone else buy is that right? Way to go man

@Athrael Soju No, he won’t buy … This is my own decision, I will not sell this character

Boo hoo. Looking out for everyone to get a fair deal, not rob someone blind.

Have some decency at least before you talk about others

Closed at OP’s Request