[SOLD] 17m sp budding nid pilot


positive sec status

no kill rights

all clones in hisec


let me know if link doesnt work

one remap used. other two still l available

Id like to end the auction no later than 10/22/2018 midnight

9b xxxxxxx

Offer Retracted.



U still offering. Il take it when i get home from work which will be in 5 hrs

I am buy for 9.4b isk

I’ll buy it for 10b

I am will buy for 10.2b

bidding 10.5b

10.7b isk


im ready now if u wanna transfer

11b. Isk ready

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im ready when you are

What does that mean.

Edit: got it. Will be online in a couple of hours, in a meeting atm. 11b is my final offer so far

log in so we can talk. MOstly so i dont have to keep bumping this post.
Edit. okay i understand. il be logged in on the character im trying to sell for when you hop on

this thread is officialy closed. Or in the process of becoming closed. whatever the auctions is ended

Isk sent. Awaiting for transfer.

Confirmed that I got the character