CANCELED SALE - (offers too low) - 133m SP Subcap Fleet Command Killer, 2009 Birthdate

133,384,682 SP
No kill rights
Located in Jita

All offers considered.

@Ricgard_Dua Hello i can offer 75b right now

Thank you for your offer @Linoaa.

I will still consider your offer, but I’ll bump for now to see if someone wants to use this toon rather than extract it.

Anyone who decides to buy the character, please provide my name as the referrer.

Also free bump :slight_smile:

Thank you for the bump @Tracy_Collins :sweat_smile:

Still holding out for a higher offer I think, because based on the prices for extractors and injectors, I could get 76.5Bill+ doing it myself (with no char transfer fee + I keep the base char).

80 bill B/O isk ready

Thank you for your offer @vidro_unknow. Let me have a think about it. That at least starts to make more sense at or above that amount

81b offer

@Linoaa Thank you for your offer and for your open discussion with me in game. If I do sell to someone for this price it would be you. I’ll have a think

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