[Cancelled] Extended Downtime Notification - 28 January 2021

i totally agree, except being able to cov ops cloak & cyno, they’re useless in pvp. I would love an Anathema with 3-4 t2 rocket launchers and being able to cov opps cloak.

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what’s wrong with people ! dude this is just a typo or they made a small mistake ,stop being assholes !


Don’t worry we will have “Unity” and “Normalcy.” :smiley:

You sir are obviously not familiar with this thing called “the Internet”. Prepare yourself for soul crushing disappointment.

What an odd coincidence the release year of StarCitizen :slight_smile:

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Thursday is the 28th surely, hope this isn’t a reflection on the patch itself…

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Is it? I just looked up EVE timeline and chose the last one, lol

Probably it is. :smiley:

My apologize, this is my mistake. The extended downtime takes place on Thursday, 28 January. We do not expect any disruptions tomorrow.

Sorry about this, guys!


well it the26th here so why is extended downtime

One vote was for the 27th window

Are we finally getting the January 2021 update?

Oh, does this mean you guys will fix your servers so we don’t get server crashed when people who pay for your game play?

Im not surprised when ccp gets things (wrong, incorrect, unintended side effects, a complete ■■■■ around)
These are the words I use when I explain what Eve is to my mates — i tell them its an awesome game it just has the worst support team in the mmo genre

Sadly that effects the player count please CCP sell eve and restaff it PLEASE! dont let this game die under ccp control

no that would require spending money on upgrading servers CCP isnt down for that if you had not noticed its servers are over 10 years old — this game is under the worst management you could think of


What would you sacrifice for new severs? Higher subscription costs? Fewer features? CCP ain’t Santa’s workshop. I’d like a new Mercedes for $50 but they don’t make them.


27th thursday in ccp time

probaly wednsday of europe time and thursday of whatever time ccp uses


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