Cant accept corp applications

Since CCP keeps closing my support ticket, the last time without even a response (wtf is your problem?)

I cannot accept applications to corp. I have a ghost entry in applications that when I try to remove i get the following screen (attached). I do not have an available character to take ceo. Instead of closing my support tickets and ignoring my issue, why don’t you take some of the credit card money I use for my subscription and actually help me fix my problem. This is some real trash customer service.

I have other applications waiting and I cant see any of them because of this stupid stale entry that won’t go away.

Hi, you filed a bug report which was closed as they could not reproduce the issue, if you need an action to be taken on your behalf then you need to file a support ticket with customer support.

Once you file a support ticket we’ll be happy to take a look and see if we can’t fix the issue you are encountering.

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