Can't find a citadel inside a WH

There are POCOs inside so that means there has to be a Citadel of some sort, correct?

If so, I can’t find the Citadels. I have flown to all planets and Dscanned. And I have done the “trick” on the map where you turn on and off Citadels / Eng Complexes etc quickly so they flash.

What am I doing wrong?

The most likely explanation is that there are no Citadels in the system. It’s actually very common to find POCOs without citadels. Could be the inhabitants are long gone and the POCOs remain, or the system is inhabited and are living out of a POS. May be worth checking towers to see if one is online if you are trying to see if anyone is living in.

I don’t have Towers turned on on my D-Scan" Scouting" tab because of clutter but I do have Force Fields and didn’t see any.

But there was an Epithal on D-Scan called “Epithal” so I had assumed it was unpiloted but then I didn’t move and D-Scanned again and the Epithal disappeared off scan. Which would indicate player activity.

Anyway, you answered, just letting you know what I got up to.

Well maybe the corp owning the POCOs just have an Alhpa-Scanner logged out in the system and scan an exit to HighSec once every few days to make PI-runs. Planets in WHs are pretty lucrative and you don’t nessessarily need a Station/POS to farm them as long as you can make sure to get an entrance every so often.

Good point, you could even just log the epithals out in safe spots and leave them there if you aren’t doing anything else with the characters. You could then conceivably bring another hauler in every now and then to grab the products without the epithal characters ever leaving system. Very lightweight setup :slight_smile:

I’ve spent a fair amount of time running around low class WHs and they almost all have POCOs. What I’ve seen happen a lot is a corp work put up a POCO system along with a POS or a citadel, eventually leave or get get evicted or whatever , and the POCOs stay forever because it’s more of a hassle to bash them and set up new ones than just pay the 5 or 10% tax that was set up on them.

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