Can't get passed Omega Subscription popup in the character selection screen

I’m trying to get my account onto Singularity. I’m subbed for 6 months. When I log into Singularity I go to the character selection screen to choose the toon I want to play. When I select the toon I’m given a popup to purchase an Omega subscription. When I click on that it brings me outside the game client to eveonline to purchase an Omega subscription.

What do I need to do here?

Don’t click on the popup just dismiss it (should be an “X” in the upper right corner) or some other way to close the popup.

Clicking the X results in the popup closing, letting me choose the character. When I choose the character the popup reappears.

Are you trying to log in more than one account at once?

Yes. I have my main account and this account. Both are separately subbed accounts.

Oh weird. Sorry - don’t know how to help ya

Sounds like one or both of your accounts are showing as alpha on the test-server. Log them in one by one and get PLEX from the market to get omega activated. Then you should be able to log both of them in at the same time.

I closed both clients. I restarted a client for my Alt (this account). I was able to log into Singularity with no problems. I then attempted to log in my main account that was already able to log into Singularity. I was presented with the popup to buy Omega and couldn’t get past it.

Am I not able to bring both accounts onto the test server?

Again: Make sure that BOTH accounts are currently showing as omega on the test-server. Log in to one, check it and then wait a few minutes and log in the other and check.

You cannot log in more than one account if you have an alpha-account logged in. This would explain your problem. What your status is on TQ doesn’t automatically mean you are omega on the test-server.

Bought plex and bought omega with alt account. Both accounts can log in now. Thank you.

Problem was most likely an update issue. Singularity test server takes a while to update your account.

Not update issue; account status is only copied when a mirror happens, so what the most likely cause is one of the accounts were only Alpha at the time when the latest mirror were performed.

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Thats what i sorta meant by update. The test server takes a while to update your account to its current status, i.e. subbed.

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