Cant log in on to Sisi with eve-steam account

I have one eve account once created over steam. I had this account on Sisi for years. Now I tryed to logi in on sisi after some moth and I had do reinitializethe account. But after I got linked to the steam page to logi in and confierm the account with passwort it just says “error” and nothing more. I´m logt in with the same account right now on the forum so its a only Sisi problem.

Heard that things got messed up for steam users with the last mirror. Lots of threads about it, but I’m not sure there is any way to fix it. Might just have to wait.

The same problem. CCP close sisi related tickets and address you to post on forum… nonsens

The GMs who handle support tickets cannot interface with Sisi - it is an entire separate server. So the support tickets do nothing to help.

CCP is aware that the steam connectivity is broken. It is probably a low priority fix because Sisi is the CCP test server, not part of the actual product CCP is selling. If dev work to fix the bug is not short and easy, working on it takes away from actual game development for the TQ server - the product they are selling.

Please keep in mind that Sisi access is a perk, not a right, and can be unavailable at any time for any reason.

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“Sisi access is a perk, not a right” I understand that. But still it is a disadvantage for all players to have this problem. I would currently like to test some things with the reserve key, but I cannot. And so I have a disadvantage generated by the game or what am I missing here?

You don’t have a disadvantage generated by the game. Part of the test server is broken. It’s not part of the game. It’s a whole separate structure.

To avoid this particular issue in the future, you can create a direct EVE login for your Steam account. Something that EVE already recommends Steam players do because they cannot guarantee connectivity to Steam’s login interface even on TQ.

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