Capital Costs after Equinox?

A rather wealthy friend of mine has advised me to sell my Wyvern due to the new ores being added to Equinox, which have a high likelihood of significantly crashing the value of supercapital hulls. (according to him)

Is this true?
If so, to what extent?
What prices are we projecting hull values to drop to, and how long will it take for them to reach that level?

Yes, right now it pays to sell your supers/titans because the price will go down, and you can already see a smaller price drop because more people are trying.

Mineral prices will go down, because of extra availably. Especially Isogen.

On top of that, the Mentenox Moondrill will harvest P4 - P16 materials for some smaller cost. So also their value will go down.

How much? Time will tell.

Yeah probably you can make a few bill by selling now. But you will also have a period where you will have no Wyvern, until you are happy with the new price. In my opinion inconvenience has a cost too. What is this unknown timeframe and unknown new price worth to you?

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