Capital Killers - Marauders

Why can we not have marauders fit and fire capital weapons when in bastion mode?

Also why not add in some Pirate Marauders for fun?

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Fitting capital guns is for capital ships, pretty simple. Nobody wants them on marauders.

Pirate marauders is the sort of thing you’d only put on an AT ship (many of them are by definition pirate T2 ships, like how the Imp is a sansha ceptor, Chameleon is a guristas force recon, and the Virtuoso is a serpentis bomber). Aside from how a few of those marauders would have relevant bonuses nullified in bastion (a sansha marauder wouldn’t make much sense cuz you can’t move in bastion, and if it could it’d be REALLY op). Unfortunately though the AT isn’t a thing anymore so no new AT ships.


Because Marauders have broken small gang pvp. If one side ussually the null sec blobers bring a marauder the fight is over, there is no counter for dropping a pvp vargur, nothing at all is efffective against it. Unless you blob it.

Argubably bombers work, but still need a lot of numbers.


You could bring a carrier, or dread, or another marauder or a few battleships.


And it begins… first it was the Capitals!!! OMG!!! Too strong!!! Carriers / Dreds / Supers are Killing small gang PvP!!!

Now it’s the Marauders…

I guess some people won’t be happy until there isn’t anything left but the cheap Frigate they like to fly.


I live in a wormhole mate, Can’t bring cap. Even then, Marauder can just tank a carrier

I fly solo a lot, and all that ever happens is they just undock a marauder and there is no fight.

As if fighting well outnumbered isn’t hard enough, they have null block marauders as well.


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Neut neut neut net and marauder is dead.
If you bring caps into the fold a single anti capital gun (not launcher so phoenix is off) is enough to b***slapped something like vargur off the grid when he bastion.
Now ECM drones will do the trick since bastion does not protect from them.
Marauders are fun in places where capses are not dropped like pebbles or bit less organised group that won’t toss 50 ppl on grid at same time.

Those can be scary but they are not THAT scary.

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Double XLASB Vargur would like a word with you

so 18 cycles of repping (20 if someone screwes up and use it without booster)
Still taking on something like vargur solo is extremely situational.
It will still die
Question is how many will take with it

yes i agree, CCP where is my 15k dps vargur?!?

nanobrains :roll_eyes:

Dreads, carriers, bombers just to name a few.

16 marauders have been killed so far today.

6 by NPCs
3 by Drekavacs
3 by bombers
2 by T3Cs
1 by Thrashers (lol)
1 by a kitchen sink, but top damage from a Kiki

Your point?

These aren’t ships used often to do their high cost and vulnerability.

My point was addressed to the guy who said there’s no counter to a PvP marauder.

In short, there is and the evidence is right there.

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Oh lol you replied to me rather than the post. I thought you were trying to say no one was killing them with caps.

yes ! pirate or faction marauder, that its a good question !

I said to ccp to put a good bonus instead of 25% for tracting cheat mode for 100 isk.

Who let you back out.

Wouldn’t trig ships be good as their DPS ramps up and lets them punch up?

Also, flying solo is fun but you have to accept the limitations therein. Mainly being solo.