Marauders are too dangerous to use

The 30 second cooldown on bastion means that any time you are in lowsec or nullsec you will get caught by pvpers every time. There needs to be a way to turn off bastion and warp away or marauders will be unusable for most situations. Ratting in a marauder would be a lot of fun if it weren’t for the fact that you will get blown up every time because the 30 second timer means you simply can’t get away from anyone. Marauders take a good while to train for but they have ended up being carebear boats as things stand. A 30 second cooldown on using an AB or MWD wouldn’t be unreasonable, but if marauders can’t escape by warping they are pretty worthless. I hope a change will be made because I was really excited to finish my marauder training only to find that I really can’t use a marauder after all. Thanks and good luck, have fun. :slight_smile:

One more nerf doesn’t just apply to ganking. Even if you completely removed ganking, players would simply turn their attention to the next thing that needs to be “fixed” -gate camps, whaling, “cheating” suspect baiters, WCS’s, nullification, the ability to anchor structures without opening themselves up to war decks, bastions… the list goes on.

Why do I know this? Because the carebears have already asked for all these things. Ganking is just the current front lines. But if it falls, they will turn their attention to the next thing. And why wouldn’t they?

  • They do not value UPvP
  • They do not value other play styles or emergent game play
  • they’re primarily focused on extrinsic rewards and optimizing towards boredom
  • they will not have learned how to deal with adversity and solve problems through developing better strats
  • and will have instead been taught that CCP will gradually reduce their risk to laughable levels -they just need to be persistent.

One more nerf to my enemies… one more buff to me -that will fix this game.

Mark my words, this will never end. They will never be happy, no matter how much you buff carebears or nerf player-killers. It’s never worked before -so why would it suddenly work now? Hell, you can see it in how ridiculous their requests have become over time. Requests several years ago seemed downright reasonable compared to some of the things they ask for today. It’s because they keep getting what they’re asking for, and keep wanting more. So, the only place left to go is towards absolutely absurd requests, like turning capitals into I-win buttons against cruisers and below, haulers that are PvP immune, and making HS a PvP-free zone.

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

And to Mr. Tomoe, I see it’s been five months since you last post. And, I feel kind of bad for immediately jumping down your throat, but you just walked right into an ongoing debate.

So… um… welcome back :grimacing:


Marauders are for PVP, not ratting…

I don’t mind if they use them for PvP. But with great reward, should come great risk.

I like how you think though. (read in your best 1940’s movie voice) “I like your moxy kid.”

If Marauders are too dangerous to use for you, why not use another ship for ratting that doesn’t pin itself down? Like a Rattlesnake, or Ishtar?

There are plenty of other players who are willing to use a Marauder regardless of this risk.


By the way, have you considered fitting the Marauder for PvP rather than ‘optimal PvE ticks’ while you are doing your PvE sites?

They are indeed very dangerous… to fight: Vargur pretending to CRAB in 0.0! 🔥 ENG coms. - YouTube


Can anyone suggest a marauder pvp fit that can still pve please? (looking for a golem fit) Thanks and good luck :slight_smile:

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