Capitals Slaughtered in Hisec - When and How?

So I’ve recently learned via other posts that many capitals have been destroyed in HS recently. Presumably, these are capitals of botters, RMTers, and other rule-breakers rather than grandfathered before-the-rules-changed ships. If these ships were, in fact, teleported to HS to be slaughtered, my question is this: is there an official post (news article, dev blog, forum post by a CCP member, etc) detailing the conditions under which this occurs? In particular, I’m looking for a post that details whether this can happen at any time throughout the year, or if there is an “event” window in these ships are teleported all at once and players get together to lynch them? (I’ve heard reference to a “Colosseum” but I’m not familiar with this)

I’ve been looking for an official source for this information but can’t find one, and I’d appreciate if someone can provide me a link or so. Thank you!

Likely CCP devs don’t want those breaking the rules to know beforehand and not log in.It’s alot more fun if the cheater sees his stuff blow up live

CCP occasionally drops known botters into heavily populated areas for people to shoot at before wielding the ban hammer. Generally it’s not announced and appears to happen at random intervals.

…uh, so, are you asking because you came back and found out your, uh, program, suddenly stopped working and youre missing a supercarrier?

And then, when you looked up the lossmail, you found out you died in your super in hisec?

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Yeahhh no lol. I’m just curious if there’s an official playbook for this, or if it’s an ‘unwritten rule’ that one of the many ways CCP can seize your assets is to humiliate you and your corp/alliance/coalition by staining your KB like that.

In the EULA, you agree that all assets belong to CCP and so they have final say as to what happens to your ships.

But again, these were botters. They deserve no mercy. They ruin the game.

I dont think you will find a lot of people who are sympathetic to you, or other botters.

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Yeah I figured… what about this Colosseum people are talking about? I’ve seen reference to this spanning back several years back to the old forum. Was this ever an official thing or was it an unofficial event like “Burn Jita”?

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