Capsule being caught

I got caught for a second time on gate shuttling from gate to gate by a destroyer in my capsule. <-----

What I dont understand is how he can only lock at that speed, been looking up instalockers that says anything under 2 seconds you “can get locked” but unlikely.
But the Hecate can obtain under 1 seconds and can not get caught, capsule is at 0.07 second aleign time and I dont understand, no matter how much I look I can not find a way to lock that.

Anyone know how, I want to try it, but google has been fruitless.

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Off topic, but that thorax was a shitfit.

Fine with the tracking, but that ECCM is totally unnecessary. A better mid slot arrangement for an Ion Thorax is AB, Web, Scram, Cap booster. It is a gorgeous ship with a gorgeous slot layout, but you cannot catch those kiters with your blasters unless you have AB Web Scram. The lack of a neut makes this ship pretty bad for anti-frigate roles. That is why I fly the 220 Rupture instead. In addition, you had Void loaded when you died, with no active reps and a freaking EM ARMOR HARDENER!!!
I would recommend for solo an ion blaster fit with a medium ansillary medium repper setup in the lows, with DCU, Multi resist mod, and Mag Stab in the other lows, or an overdrive for speed in place of the mag stab for damage. AB scram web cap booster in the mids, full ions with Fed Navy Iridium loaded against frigates in the highs, and T2 damage plus 2 T1 hull mods in the rigs.
Fly safe and be smarter.

As for your capsule problem, I have no idea whether you lagged or whatnot, but that capsule kill should never happen in lowsec unless you got smartbombed. I have a shield travel Slicer with a 1.94s align time, and it easily gets away from the insta-lock Thrashers.

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There’s actually a brief moment of time when your ship blows up in which (1) your pod will appear on the grid, and (2) your pod will NOT accept commands. It’s an fairly brief moment that you can see in the top left where a “session change” timer icon appears.

Chances are very high that you just got unlucky and your pod failed to accept the warp command. The best thing to do is have a celestial selected in your overview and just constantly spam the heck out of the warp button while your ship is being blown up. Spamming it will increase the chance that your pod will accept the warp command.


Ahh, ignore that, I use it for lvl 3 FW missions, and caldari NPC are aids with all the ECM they have.
Also it shouldnt have a EM harderdener, should have kin/thermal.

Also checked him up on Zkills, turns out he kills oodles of capsules.

I was actually already dead to a 3 man frigate pileup, this was me jumping from gate to gate.

Made it 3 jumps then I got popped.

Literally click warp and I instantly died, I had to look at my lossmail because I thought I got smartbombed I died so fast.

Well if things happened as you claim, that’d be the first time I’ve heard about a pod getting locked and shot at from a gate jump in my 6+ years of EVE Online. Wouldn’t know what happened other than some server issue that caused you to appear on grid sooner or something.

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I would say I’m at 4 years, and one this would be my first as well.
I was told a fit allowed it so I googled and googled it, could not find any information on it, but apparently, the guys does it a lot.
A different time was lossing it to a confessor, I got caught on a under 2 second align time ceptor, got caught, chocked it up to bad luck. so I did the standard click something and spam warp… standard stuff, and it also caught my capsule from that as well and I swear my jaw almost dropped out of my mouth because I didnt think it was possible.

Sadly it was a year ago and I dont have the loss mail on that one.

But it was done by this guy.
Looked up his Zkills and its all in nul sec or wormholes which… doesnt really tell much.
And he doesnt have any more confessor deaths that I can “see” thats the fast lock verity.

Like with the death from my ceptor, maybe I was lagging, anything is possible, but the death from gate to gate is more mysterious because until my computer tells my capsule to move, it should not exist for him to take advantage of ping.

It should really be impossible. Maybe the killmail is wrong and it was a smartbomb, but that still shouldn’t get you leaving gate cloak.

The only possible, non-server glitch explanation I can think of is that you mistakenly clicked align instead of warp/jump.

How did he manage to put heavy guns on a cruiser?

You may want to check this out on Pod saving:

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Heavy guns are medium sized, Cannons are large >

Oh yeah I forgot:)

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