Capsuleer gone shopping

The story so far: went out to the EVE gate, took some awesome photos, got my Slasher ganked on the way home.

So, rather than doing anything exciting, I went out shopping.

Yeah, not exactly the most interesting, is it?

The good news is, I managed to replace my Slasher. Instead of just re-buying all the gear I needed, I also bought a bunch of blueprints for stuff, so I can go out mining and build my own instead of having to buy them over and over. Managed to wind up burning through a good 3 million or so ISK buying everything, and I had to bounce over from Rens to Eystur to pick them up.

And compounding the boredom, after fitting out my Slasher and my Venture, I went out mining.

Spent twenty minutes firing lasers at asteroids and flying around in circles. No rats, nobody else showed up, it was dead quiet. Managed to get a full hold of Massive Scordite and headed back to Rens. No incidents whatsoever.

This has been a pretty boring day, really. No excitement whatsoever, not even any cool photos. Just shopping and mining. :frowning:

That’s my day, what about yours? Any more exciting than mine?

How nice to see an account of a regular day amongst all the other stuff here.

Nothing more exciting, I’m afraid… I tested a Hookbill fit and didn’t really like its inertial performance so tinkered with that a bit, which involved a shopping trip to Stacmon for parts. I’m a sucker for the Luminoiserie pastries at the cafe on Deck 73 of the market fort there. Then retreated to my apartment to watch the Kendu, Go Lions!

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