Shopping fail

I’m mostly ok with the recent technical issues, even with those that happened a few weeks ago, DDoS or whatever else might have been the cause. I’m lucky I suppose in that they never affected me too much, except local chat being unreliable, which continues to be a serious pain in the cock end. What is really pissing me off during this strange RL time is that I am drinking too much. Well no, I’m ok with that too but the consequences are affecting my craic-per-hour. I’ve been buying some ships - some carefully, thoughtfully fitted ships. That involves researching the fit, finding the best price (and whether I can be arsed to fly to Jita to save a few mill), then hauling everything back to my jump-off point into wherever I plan to ■■■■ around. By the time I have done all of that I discover that I have missed something crucial from the shopping trip and I have to go back for another forty-jump trip to pick up some stupid bloody module that I paid for but forgot to collect, because I was too pissed (UK sense of that word) to tick everything off my list as I wandered around the store. ■■■■ this CCP, give me a tele-kinesis implant that will save me from this grief or I will rage quit right now! … Oh, alright then, perhaps I won’t. Maybe I should just drink less; fat chance. Please nobody suggest jump freighters, I’m borderline impoverished.


> whines because he drunkenly forgets to pick up a module
> demands CCP give him a “tele-kinesis implant” so he can teleport items to his location

There’s the door, friendo.


Scoots, I think you missed my intention. No way would I quit this. Jeez man, can nobody on this forum recognise irony?

Maybe don’t drunk post. That’s a start.

Seriously? Like so drunk I can’t spell properly, can’t try to lighten the mood? Ffs, stop being so up your arse. Go and harangue someone for sitting alone on a beach when they should be “observing social distancing”.

i like wen people use the proper Scottish pronunciation of buttocks :smiley:

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tutucox Khamsi


i like wen people use the proper Scottish pronunciation of but-tocks - and I can not lie (you other brothers can’t deny)

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I refuse to live in a world in which people don’t drunk-post, or do other entertaining things while drunk. In fact, you know what? There’s a bunch of cats mating and screeching outside, so hold my beer for a second.

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Got it Destiny, but I’m almost back to my jump-off point so I might spill it. Cats? Yep, got those too, foxes also and sometimes owls - jeez, I hate the natural world.

It would have been easy to take this all in jest if it wasn’t for the propendency of ideas, like this, that some players would put forth in complete earnestness.

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“Propendency”? Bloody hell, that’s a word I never knew existed - thank you for educating me, though I don’t really understand the point of your post. Enough of this, I’m at last off onto a new adventure and I need to concentrate (as well as I can, given the situation - lots of booze still remaining).

lol - oh my, Yep, happens.

:vulcan_salute: :four_leaf_clover: +1

please get yourself help

Hmmm, time for a stereotype assuming that you’re Irish.

There’s too much blood in your alcohol stream.


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This is dumb. Everyone knows that telekinesis does not magically create warp bubbles and thus all moving objects would be bound to the speed-of-light-limit. With that being said, I’m all for removing the warning people get when they’re forgetting the cargo for distribution missions. You know, like it used to be. A lesson learned makes you smarter. A lesson prevented keeps you dumb.


the problem, OP, is that maybe YOUR post was irony, but we have seen before so many posts blaming CCP and asking for some changes to make the game easier whereas OP had done many things wrong, that we could think your post was not ironic
I have seen posts about
“please CCP make warp instantaneous because i don’t like to spend time on traveling”
“please CCP allow us to warp directly to relic sites without scanning because the scanning part is boring”
“please CCP make MTUs able to drag only non-empty wrecks in abyssal sites so that it spare us some time”

Why should i think that your post was different?


The problem here is covered by Poe’s Law.

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seen better drunken posts.


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That’s fine, I’ll take 3.


Going forward, I will be using the measurement CPH to refer to the having of fun in EvE. So thanks, OP.