Captain Creampie's Creamy Biscuits - Business Update

Dear loyal customers,

in order to adhere to Concords Virus Guidelines Captain Creampie’s Creamy Biscuits will close all it’s stores in New Eden until further notice.

Our Business will stay open for any orders to be delivered. This includes wholesale of donuts to DED Departments, wedding cakes and our famous cream filled battle biscuits to provide you with your favorite snack for the time spend in time dialation or quarantine isolation.

As a family run small business these trying times have an impact on us especially, while we have already received multiple offers to be merged into one of the many megacorporations, it is our nature as a family business to stay independent and provide you with the best baked goods in New Eden. We are and will be there for you, because nothing comes close to our Creampies !

Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.

Captain Creampie
Matriach of the Creampie Family
Founder of Captain Creampie’s Creamy Biscuits.


There is nothing like getting in from a long hard day to sit down and enjoy a nice creampie with the wife keep strong don’t give in to the mega corps


I first enjoyed some of Captain Creampie’s cream many years ago, lost and alone he befriended me, over time he tingled my taste buds with vast amounts of cream, from the straight up salty variety to the more exotic pineapple flavour. He always seemed to know the right cream to I needed on muffins. Captain Creampie has remained a friend and is always offering to fill me with the most delightful cream he has available, unbelievable service, would recommend.


Hi I’m Pintov Guiness,

I’m here today to tell you the pride I have in being a customer of Captain Creampie and her creamy biscuits. It’s been a while since I last had occasion to receive a creamy biscuit but as they say, you never forget your first. I must say it caught me by surprise, there I was, crunching rock and then Captain approached me and offered me a creamy biscuit. I opened my mouth with glee and a mind full of gluttony and enjoyed every last creamy moment sliding down my throat and into my stomach.

Since then, I will only allow Captain Creampie to service my creamy biscuit needs. No one does it like they do. To say that I am a loyal customer is an understatement. I remain forever a customer. I look forward to future experiences of ingesting Captain Creampie’s hot, sticky and gooey biscuits.

Yours Faithfully

Pintov Guiness.


It literally sticks to the roof of your mouth . Would totally recommend it to any New Eden pilot.


If you love the taste and smell of Grimsby docks on a hot summer day, the Captain Creampie range of translucent fillings are a must.

be careful how you receive them, dont want you ladies puitting on unwanted weight.

I find reaching around the best way to receive Captain Creampie’s gooey, sea airy filling.