Cormorants and Jackals

Friends of the Intergalactic Summit,

It will come as no shock to anyone that the fan club dedicated to the our very own capsuleers @MantelGlobalIndustries and @Sahara_Jackal has gained traction. The name Cormorants and Jackals was named by yours truly for if you know anything about Edhara/Sahaward (still working on which we like best, might do a poll?), then you know the importance.

With that said, we are dedicated to collecting and collaborating any and all fanart, fanfiction and information that the cluster holds on our star crossed lovers. We have had a few sent in already so I will be using this as a place to post them. If you secretly adore our couple (No shade!) and wish to publish it anonymously, my comm lines are always open and I will post it on your behalf.

Mantel and Sahara

Gone with 27 Stars

It’s a Wonderful Immortality
You want the Stars


We know that the Commander likes redheads so one of our members edited an image of Sahara with red hair!

Any queries about both our two lovebirds or information about Cormorants and Jackals, please send me amessage. I love hearing back from every single one of you.

Also please share our Peeper™ hashtags #SaharaMantelYC123 and #CO-JA

As natural as they come,

Julian ‘Eddie’ Flavours
CEO/Founder, Cormorants and Jackals


…I can’t WAIT to see her reaction to this.

Now where’d I leave the popcorn…


Yes, how do you justify forming a fan club for two capsuleers on opposing sides of the Triglavian conflict because of some obsession with Galnet fan works shipping them as a couple?

Does it make sense to fawn of these two because they make a cute fictional couple instead of choosing which capsuleers to respect based on what they’ve done or what they stand for?


No offense intended here Arsia, but really? there are much weirder capsuleer fanclubs than this. I distinctly remember encountering one dedicated to a certain strike commander and her… rubber missiles.


Great questions!

Simply put - “Love knows no boundary”. But we are not trying to ship a concept. We are merely fanning the flames of this romance so that both feel comfortable about making it public.

They make an absolutely cute couple but they are not fictional, just the art above that our fans have made.

And we do! If you decide to join the fanclub or not you can count yourself a Cormorant or a Jackal depending who you like the most. Or if you are like me and love them both equally then you can be both.

I have a feeling you are a Cormorant ? Tell me I’m wrong!


There’s all sorts of people who do all sorts of things for reasons I wouldn’t agree with, but most of them don’t have the means to post on interstellar capsuleer summits so I don’t need to be exposed to them.

I am neither.

I respect Commander Adams and have flown beside him in many engagements over the years. He is a skilled pilot with strength of character who fights for just causes.

But I have no interest in his love life and am definitely not a damned Cormorant.


Wow. This is… just… the worst.

And of course it had to be one of my superior officers…

Awaiting inevitable negative outcome.


Just get out the popcorn like Katya is, Rusty, makes things better.


Keep my likeness out of this nonsense, please.


Come on now Rem, can’t enjoy a good show at all? :popcorn:


I work in Intracladistic Affairs. Unfortunately I have had a front row seat for a while.

Do not involve me in this inane garbage.


Can’t be worse than most NOH bargain bin RomComs.


I think I’ll choke on it if things keep going like this.


You are an integral part of Edhara/Sahaward @Remilia_Malitia. You help to balance the tension and expectation of our members. We heard how to you tried to break them up with your Federation Day stunt.

But their love found a way.


…Looking at it closer, I seem to be in the first image.

I do not know how to feel about this.


Just enjoy the ride? You’re good at that.


What young Laura said above. Enjoy the ride and feel good about it. Like Remi, you are part of this as much as she is.

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Excuse me? How old are you dear?


Just a simple compliment as it appears.

I am failing to register the correlation between myself and this… movement?

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