Please give us icecream!

There is a terrible lack of a very important topic! It cannot be like this any longer!

Every summer, my corpmates and I talk about Eve, life and the universe and one thing is always a problem: there is no icecream in Eve! Every time we fleet up and have a quiet moment, coms explode, why is there no Icecream? We need it! On Iceland, there is not the same heat than in our countries, but this starts to get a real problem!

Please do something about this! We are facing a mutiny! We need icecream, before the summer gets hotter!

Please add a special edition asset! Please add some kind of icecream!

To all of you who read this, help us! Express your need for icecream and reply to this post!

Thank you!

P.S. I hope this is ok for you, if it is against the forum rules just delete it pls :slight_smile:


we will spend A Lot Of Money to buy ice cream!

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cost: 1 plex
effect: turns user’s local off.

now all the people who complain about local have a way to fix it! (though, only for themselves.)

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I support the request for ice cream. I would love some melon flavoured.

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We should add a way to run SRP in-game and integrate ice cream into that. You can input ice cream of your favorite flavor to receive SRP from your alliance.

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NPC’s would place orders for Freeze Dried Ice Cream as who doesn’t like to have a dollop ontop of your Synthetic Coffee?

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Best i can do is @GM_IceCream. Maybe they can make it a reality

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I endorse this request! Strawberry Ice Cream for me please. :strawberry:

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All my fleetmembers are sitting in their overheated cockpits, talking about cold tasty icecream. Please do something!

I have a few ideas how it would be possible.

First; you could ad a trade good under consumer products and seed the market.

Second; you could ad a special edition asset. It could be added through an one-day event for the start of summer on 21th June.

Third; you could ad a little booster. It would be manufactured by using an unrefined iceblock and 10 Dairy Products to build 10 boosters. They would reduce heat damage by 3% for 5 minutes. Every icetype would give a different flavor of icecream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberries, coffee…


And again, we are on coms talking about icecream. We have to think about recycling frozen corpses, but they taste so badly… Please help us! Please do something!

mmm… evescream …yuummy…

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One small step for CCP - one giant leap for the players

Please do something about this problem, we need icecream!


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quick! while summer is on us!

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CCP, snowball launchers crates will do for a start

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True! Less work, similar results. It could keep us going for a little longer!

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And its winter down under & co :slight_smile:

Hm true, that means if CCP can pull this off, they will already get icecream for the beginning of summer. To be honest, I personnaly like icecream in winter too :smile:


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