Care Package for Duke Chakaid in his time of need!

Don’t get too chummy now, people might get the wrong idea.

As for Duke Cardinal Chakaid, I am sure he is most thankful to the Order of St. Tetrimon for his rescue.


It is too bad that Garkeh’s little puppet wasn’t captured by the Republic. Maybe then all of the the secrets he knows about the Red King would get out for all to hear. After all, the only thing he truly cares about is himself. Assuming his self isn’t also Garkeh’s self, we could have potentially found out some interesting things.

Oh well, I suppose he’ll take a public fall and serve as Khanid’s scapegoat, those in power will act simply shocked, Khanid will find a new puppet, and things will continue all the same as they’ve been.

Oh well.


Hey hey Hey, what’s all this subtle flirting, Grae ? I thought I was your favourite Sani Sabik philosopher ?

Anyway, on topic, I think perhaps a few tins of dog food might be in order. Some of the wilder rumours from Floseswin suggested that Grand Butte Chakaid was in fact a cyborg were-slaver, that transformed into a large scary black hound to stalk the night and inflict terror.

Big if true.


You mean the soon-to-be Prince-Grand-Abbot Alar Chakaid, leader of the Order of St. Tetrimon?

Honestly, this guy’s getting ridiculous. I fully expect that if he’d been captured by the Republic, he’d be Sanmatar in a week. If shot in the head, bullets would declare him their king after 2 days in a coma. He’s like an extremely bad villain in the holo-novels so trashy, even I wouldn’t touch them (and I’ve enjoyed some real trash, lemme tell you).


Well, speculation as to any latent supernatural abilities aside, let’s get that collection plate passed around.

I’ve already contracted a ceremonial black dagger to the man, I hope he gets the joke in his private moments between beatings.

This wonderful but surprising warm welcome from Cardinal Graelyn probably deserves an entire separate thread, but I’ll spare everyone and do some digging on my own…

Also, briefly, but importantly, as it’s come up a few times and become tiresome: (and we can speak privately if anyone wishes it)

That I’m currently shooting at people I already (regularly and for many years) shoot at (Concord, Republic, Empire, etc) during the current Triglavian boogaloo, does not mean I’ve drank all of the “kool-aid.”
I’m on nobody’s ‘side’ but my own. If you start to see me wearing one of those silly helmets then by all means have at it, but that’s not the case, we’re just pointing in the same direction.

Anyway, back to Chakaid, maybe we could throw a live ‘telethon’ in honor of the man!

At Nauplius’ temple?

The only thing Lord Chakaid needs is a quick release, and those who wrongly arrested him must be crucified in the central square of Dam Torsad as an example to those who would falsely accuse so holy a man as him.

I hope you are aware, Mr. Nauplius, of the damage done to the Duke’s cause by your endorsement of his conduct.
Do you feel that the Imperial authorities hold your opinions in solemn regard at this point, given your history?

Well then. I’m currently in low orbit above Tanoo II in a tiny covert ops frigate (I think real estate agents would call it ‘cozy’!), opticals giving me a lovely view of the St. Tetrimon Chapterhouse Complex from on high.

I won’t get into details but we might have rigged a few teeny-tiny packages to get through the atmosphere and near the complex.

If any Tetrimon Boys or Girls want to, you know, huff it to the cache…and be a dear and get them to Alar… I’d be fantastically grateful. Maybe buy you a little baseliner island on a planet somewhere, eh? Anyway just get in touch with some of my people and we’ll get it sorted.

I’m going to stay cloaked in orbit for an extended bit of time, if by some miracle anything exciting happens I’m -here for it-.

I was having a rather good bread product1 for lunch today, and got to thinking.

While captain Elkin may have some reasoned criticism to make of the actions of Supreme Plenipotentiary Ultragrand Poobah in Total Command of the Universe Alar Chakaid, I can’t help but feel that her recent choice of capsuleer employment might somewhat undermine any case for reparations she may have against SPUPTCU Chakaid, and may indeed be used as evidence by the SPUPTCU that his actions were justified when he razed the shrubbery.

1. A Gallente thing called a "small bread"

She wasn’t the owner of the shrubbery. Derp-Prince Chakargle firebombed her grandmother’s holdings.

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The only thing I really have to say is that you should find a better use of your time than trying to find reasons to be ‘concerned’ with my choice of employment.


My point is that as a True Amarr noble, Arsia’s criticisms would carry weight in an Imperial inquiry into the actions of Arch-Butte Chakaid and Kings Khanid 2 & 3.

But as a Tribal Apostate, those same criticisms will be dismissed by Chakaid, just as he dismissed Samira Kernher’s critiques.

I am pretty sure that just like you do not need to concern yourself with Arsia’s employment, the esteemed Grand-Douche of Bloodraideria does not need to concern himself with her opinions.

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Then what is the IGS even for ?

Fruitless bickering and name calling.

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If you throw grapes at someone you’re arguing with, is it fruitless ? :thinking:


Only if you run out of grapes.

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Not for having any actual impact on any decisions made by anyone in the empires’ official hierarchies, that’s for damned sure.


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