Catholic Roots?

These guys jump on posts like flies on cow pies if they think someone is even remotely suggesting their risk averse, victimizing of others (which they laughingly call “PvP”) should be written out of the game code, forcing them to actually PvP, and against folks who certainly know what they’re doing. Why, it doesn’t surprise me if they only quickly scan a post before they set about with their venal attacks (claiming the post they never read makes no sense and is incoherent).

This OP is quite well written, and in such a subtle way, those who “didn’t need to study English in school” are sure to miss its able indictment.

“But, it has electrolytes!”


It would be nice if you would specify who ‘these guys’ are rather than painting all participants in the thread with a broad brush. Several players have come in here with a reasonable explanation for this behavior, in the context of keeping EVE’s PvP AND PvE interactions functional. Having an ‘escape from combat free!’ card in the form of logging off mid-combat would be a problem for any form of combat (no matter how ‘consensual’ you may or may not view it).

As it is, the 1 minute ‘log off in space’ rule that is utterly unrelated to the timers doesn’t seem to bother the OP, so I don’t see why there would be any concern about additional minutes for NPC engagement (you can just dock up if you aren’t literally in the middle of the fight, and if you are in the middle of the fight, the original 1 minute safe logoff timer wouldn’t help you awayway) and PC PvP engagements (the only time it causes a problem for log offs is, gasp, in PC Null and Wormhole space, where you should be expecting 100% PvP engagements at all times anyway).

Seriously, where does the logoff timer cause a problem?

You realize that the OP is complaining about a PvE timer, right? And literally not a single person has brought up any anti-carebear rhetoric or whatever in this thread. Speaking of not reading posts…

Also, I like how DMC liked that response pretty much instantly, lmao.

And I like how you are so desperate to find a put down that you are dunking because someone liked a post.

Also. You complaining about insta-liking is without a doubt the best example of irony I’ve seen today.

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No, I was reading the thread, and literally saw Serene’s post pop up as I was finishing up, and while I was only halfway through, I saw the like pop up (and I’m not exactly a slow reader).

I find the concerted agenda rather humorous. The most vile shiptoasting will be ignored, as long as the person making the post shares the same ideal for the game. It’s like the most bottom-feeding tier of politics one can engage in.

I personally read every post before deciding whether to like it or not. And in our “camp”, we don’t excuse stupidity just because someone makes a pro-PvP argument (unless it’s trolling/sarcasm). That’s just empirical truth.

Just further proof that carebears don’t have a shred of moral fiber. :sunglasses:

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hey hey lets stop that
i like you both , you don’t need to be fighting fellows :handshake:
ohh wait …
@Foggy_Bernstein i don’t like you that much … keep fighting


If by read, you mean see who the poster is, then I believe you. Because when I’m following an active thread, you hit like within seconds of one of your little squad posting one of their five minutes to read walls of text.


Sorry, doesn’t happen. :sunglasses:

I mean, sure, so long as you forgive the significant grammatical, orthographic, and pragmatic errors.

And I thought it was pretty generous not to call him out on his uneducated generalised racism, nor his offensive categorisation of a whole religion as sharing specific viewpoints on guilt and punishment.

I guess you have different standards of well-written.

However all you really wanted to do was come and accuse people who understand the game mechanics and their purpose of being punch-down gankers. Which is easily demonstrated to be false. It’s also known as an ad-hominem to attack the person and not the argument they present (because the reasoning behind the log off timer is valid and essential to the game, both PvP and PvE). This is a poor debating tactic that everyone else is going to see through and dismiss you for because you’re not actually making a valid point.

Whether or not you agree with what you consider to be risk-averse PvP (of which your understanding is also flawed) it is also an essential part of the game. CCP developers have explained it’s relevance, design, and intentionality on these very forums (and the old ones) and in devblogs and fan fest presentations many times.

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Well, almost everyone.

“Sixty-one shalt thou not count, neither count thou fifty-nine, excepting that thou then proceed to sixty to log off.”



So, was what you said a sufficient put down, you know, to achieve your intent?

Put down? You came in here and hijacked the thread with your tinfoil sensationalism, and not a single bad word was said to you despite of that. And you think you were “put down” somehow?

Yup, it seems to be true, you guys do carry your own body chalk.

I can’t imagine having a skin so thin, that sitting down would give me a second ass-crack.

So you are happy with your performance!
(It shows.)

Nah, not catholicism, just Newton’s Third Law adapted to player behavior, with some delayed action: You undock, it’s only a matter of time before you are forced to dock, with or without space ship.

EvE is about consequences, if you’re smart you pick the possible consequences.

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