Catholic Roots?

Playing softly for hours, I just had to notice the commonality of the game to that of a Catholic Missionary schooling/raising.
It’s to do with actions and the revenge/punishment for them. No big deal but curious how the Devs did develop their revenge system and what it takes to be classed as a naughty boy in the game.
Take me: I am a saint. I try not to kill anything for malice except for asteroids (sorry.) However, almost always I find myself marked as an aggressor as Rats assault me and I duly earn a countdown in the sin bin. In sporting terms this would be ridiculous. Player BigBob lets go with a haymaker that flattens me (no, this is not a violent sport) as I am trying to avoid him. We both get Yellow carded for unnecessary aggression and I (who has not retaliated ) am sentenced to time in the sin bin. What for?
This is where Catholicism comes in: born in sin and sentenced to a life of guilt and penance. Pay for being alive and part of the great injustice of life.
Just wondering.

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Isnt it against forum rules to talk about real life politics/religion?


So you’re telling me he has sinned?


This is barely coherent I’m not convinced it actually makes a point.

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He’s thinks the npc log off timer is shaming him.

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There, out in the darkness
A fugitive running
Fallen from God
Fallen from grace
God be my witness
I never shall yield
Till we come face to face
Till we come face to face

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I only chose Catholicism as I was raised so - but, take any American HS movie where there is a child and the traditional 3 bullies:
The child has his lunch stolen and he is duly dumped in the dumpster. For the sake of this point, the Eve School of Riotous (sic) Upbringing sees what happened and throws the kid in detention for resorting to violent and aggressive behavior. Punishment is the name of the game.
I don’t think it is right! My opinion only, but, I do feel that the programmers did not even attempt to differentiate between the victim and attacker - what’s a 2-minute timer between friends who have you locked down without an ESC key?
That’s what this is about. Sorry if it was incoherent.

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The logoff timer isn’t a punishment. It doesn’t really affect you in high-sec.

It exists primarily as an anti-botting measure for null-sec. Bots can detect neutrals in local, and until that timer was introduced, they could instantly log off and disappear from space (well, in one minute, but same difference really). With the timer, they have to hang out in space for a few minutes.

The log off timer isn’t punishment. It prevents people from logging off mid-combat to try and save their ship.

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Literally all that timer does is keep you from logging off in space, as you were recently in a combat engagement - this prevents players from just logging out in space to avoid combat. You can still dock up and log out, if you are done playing for the time being or need to switch accounts.

Thanks Brun,
I do see that but - consensual violence is two boxers agreeing to knock the Hell out of each other. Getting caught in a gate camp is not consensual (usually!)
If I were to act aggressively in the camp, then I could be branded aggressive and be forced to take the 2 minutes. Even in boxing, a fighter MUST raise his gloves to accede to the fight - just by being in the ring with gloves and sexy boxing shorts on is not enough.

It is 100% consensual.

You undock; you consent.

You are never protected from PvP in Eve and logging out to avoid destruction of your ship is not going to be supported.


Interesting the concept of ‘shaming’ - very Oriental. Not in the Western sense of shaming. I have done nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I am honouring life, particularly the life of the helplessly driven. I am not ashamed of my actions,I am disappointed that CCP sees my plight as a reason for censure. A small example: a robbery takes place inside a store as you walk passed. In Eve, you are judged guilty by association- it’s a light sentence that can cause your death.

Jeezus wept…


So they say.

This has got to be bait.



“Thou shalt count to sixty for the log-off timer. No more, no less.”


Lucky for you, it’s not against the rules to be a forum Karen. I think the ISD actually like you people “calling the manager”.

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