Cause for Concern - Absolute Injection Augmenter

(Shipwreck Jones) #1

So, I have concerns with the Absolute Injection Augmenter being used to circumvent the Skill Injector Penalties (and this is coming from someone who is getting 60 billion isk worth of free SP out of the deal). The way injectors work now, they are more of a tool to help younger players catch up, and not to help older players pull ahead. Naturally, my concern is that the new booster undermines that. And that would not only disadvantage newer players, but also hurt new player recruitment and retention. After all, it’s important that players feel like they can become competitive once they’ve paid their dues. If they feel like the game is rigged against them, and that they’ll never be able to catch up, they won’t want to play.

Anyway, I posted a video where I go into more depth.
Cause for Concern? Absolute Injection Augmenter

(Mealka) #2

I try to catch up last 14 years. Not going to happen mate.

(Shipwreck Jones) #3

Actually, you’d be surprised at how many SP you can pack on a character if you make it your mission to do so. I was on pace to put 45 mil on one of my characters last year, and then they released the absolute injection augmenter. I ended up putting on 60 mil, and getting the toon up to 95mil total SP (it actually took a year and 7 days, but close enough).
By the way, you might want to check out my series on everything Skill Point related. In it, I cover Neural Remaps, Injectors, SP Farms, Attribute Enhancing Implants, and Cerebral Accelerators. You can find the trailer for it here