CCP 1Q 2023 Survey is broken

None of my accounts have received this alleged survey.

The survey has been sent to at least one of my accounts now (I haven’t checked the others).

However I’m not sure it’s authentic. The text reads, in part:

“We appreciate you so much. Your opinions are extremely valuable and inspirational to us here at CCP, and will help improve New Eden and EVE Online.”

“Please know that all of your answers and opinions will remain anonymous and private, and we always appreciate your openness and honesty.”

I’m not sure who the “we” they’re referring to is, but it sure doesn’t sound like CCP to me!

As far as finding the Character ID, I used this for reference and got mine off zKillboard:

Survey still didn’t work, regardless. (Also tried character name, and email address since the same question also refers to that. Still broke. Like my heart, CCP… like my heart. Why you do these things?)

After 20 minutes of invested time in this survey I get “There was an error on your page. Please correct any required fields and submit again. Go to the first error”. CCP that is really bad :frowning:

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I take it back. Upon review, they sent out a survey that expects players to know something obscure they’ve likely never heard of before (CharacterID), that doesn’t appear in-game, and that they need to google even to find a 3rd-party developer tool to get it from.

They ask you for said obscure information, but also refer in the same question to needing your email address instead.

They tell you there’s an error preventing completion of the task, but not where or what the error is.

They promise you a shot at a Plex prize, but prevent you from applying for it.

They tell you they truly value your feedback, sooo much! And prevent you from sending it.

Nobody at CCP appears to have even noticed their survey is broken.

This is definitely an official CCP product… it’s got their fingerprints all over it.


I’m going to look up the relevant EU laws on advertisements that offer prizes with monetary value but that don’t actually enter you in the drawing. Pretty sure that counts as fraud.

UPDATE: I filed a complaint with the local commerce authorities, as this would qualify as sweepstakes fraud. I doubt they’ll do anything about it, but if enough people complain maybe CCP will pay attention.


Survey is for real, there is a post about it in Information Portal forum section

But its closed now temporarily, cos it frakked, apparently.
Can’t wait to try it

The CCP devs seem to know about this issue.

However, they can’t be bothered to post here and acknowledge it.

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None of my accounts have received it. Which is odd, if it is a general survey being sent to everyone.

They did.


Apologies. I should have linked my forum post in this thread. Thanks @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras.


So someone was able to submit it? Completing is one thing, submiting is another.

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well, progress, at least

75 questions… You’d make those 1050 plex in the time it takes to answer all that.

Also, the questions, the heck ? Troll site detected, thanks for wasting your time derps !

The number of questions depended on your answers- there were a few sections with follow-on questions.

@Altara_Zemara maybe they don’t like you or your style.