CCP added Junkmail to Eve Online. (Please give me a auto-discard button/tickbox)

You know the feeling you get when you go to check your mailbox. You know, that feeling where you catch a glimpse of a tonne of paper in there just as you open it, you reach in, grab it all and pull it out in one go. You are curious as to why there is so much today. You quickly glance over the first few pieces and the curiosity quickly turns to an uncomfortable mix of apathy and disgust when you see that most of these have the words “LIMITED TIME OFFER” and “SPECIAL DEAL” printed in big letters across the top.


This is how I feel about the daily login rewards.

The blueprint copys feel like a dishonest noobtrap on CCPs part. Nobody who actually builds stuff would really use them. I’m not even an industrialist and even I know that.

The small ship BPCs may have been useful, if they had any ME on them.
The weapon BPCs
Oh sure you can build your own weapons here. But most ships, even the frigates… require more than 2 most of the time. Again no ME on these and all are copy’s that cannot be improved and invention. Well using a job slot on a singular invention run is a bit weird for most people

The skins… I like skins I really do. But not when I get a 7 day skin for a ship I would never fly. I fly amarr/gallente cruisers and above primarily. Giving me a Breacher skin isn’t going to make me want to fly the ship, it’s the ship that makes me like the skin. You seem to have it backwards here CCP.

It’s even worse when it’s for a ship that I do like and that I would fly. I love that I got a 7 day oasis skin for a paladin. Only… I got it on my Scout alt. No they are not transferable that would make too much sense.

The boosters. Most don’t last the duration of a single site. I’m sure the new player appreciated that 3% (insert random stat here) for 10 minutes, but if I intend to use a booster I generally go for something a bit more potent. I will admit it’s a good way to introduce characters to the concept of boosters but a 10 minute 3% bonus is a bit of a meme.

I do like the reward at the end though, the skillpoints, It’s the only reward I care about the others I would gladly donate the rest of the crap to somebody(whoever that even would be) if only I didn’t have to sort through the eve equivalent of junkmail to do it.

Honestly, he’s got a point. The SP is nice (even if it’s a rather small amount), but everything else is garbage. Like, I’m not saying I deserve or should get better rewards, I’m just saying that they seem rather poorly thought out, and so bad that it is similar to dealing with spam. Like, I would literally prefer it if we didn’t get any of the current crappy daily evergreen rewards, and when I clicked claim, it would just fill up my SP bucket.

And no, I don’t consider the rewards to worthwhile even for newbros. The chances of a newbro even being able to even fly the ship for a random volatile skin is low, and you can’t even pop the drugs when they might most be useful (i.e. the bonus pocket of Angel Extravaganza, the second pocket of Serpentis Phi-Outpost, or when you actually find a fight). Instead, you have to pop it before you undock, and then hope you can get to your content before the drug expires. Moreover, I’d argue that they’d literally be better of ff if they didn’t use the BPC’s. Some of the lower level faction weapons have price points similar enough to T1 weapons that even newbros are probably better off not using them. For example:

I argue that newbros shouldn’t even be messing with T1 guns given the costs and advantages of Meta level 1 variants. However, even if they were going to use T1 guns, their best bet would probably just be to get them all at once from standing buy orders out of a major market hub. Remember, they’re going to have to source the minerals to build the gun, haul the minerals, wait for the gun to build, and even after all of that, THEY STILL HAVE TO SOURCE MORE GUNS TO FIT A FULL ■■■■■■■ RACK because CCP is only giving 1 run BPC’s! And if they wanted to get into industry, their best bet would be to buy a blueprint original, perform ME research on it, and build in stacks of 10 in order to minimize build costs and time investment, and to maximize profits.

So, aside from the SP, the evergreen rewards are basically trash. However, all of that being said, the biggest problem about all of this is not that I’m not getting lots of amazing stuff for free. The problems with this are that the rewards are so bad that (1) they will likely not have the desired effect on player logins and engagement, (2) they contribute to perceptions of CCP incompetency, and (3) they contribute to perceptions that the CSM is out of touch with the wants and values of most of the playerbase (f.y.i. the CSM suggested that the rewards be soul bound in the last CSM minutes). -And I know this, because I’ve heard players say as much.

Anyway, I understand that CCP has to be extremely careful not to give out rewards that break balance or dramatically screw with market prices and people’s incomes, but I think they really missed the mark here. I mean, they added a trash can to the redeem window in order to address player complaints about the rewards being trash. I don’t know about you, but I take that as a sign that they did something wrong here.

Anyway, hopefully they can find the goldie-locks zone for reward power/value. Until then…memes:


That ^

All of that.

to long didn’t read but yeah , all of that

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