CCP Allow Ships To Have An Address Bar Link

I think that all ships should have a link dialogue box added to the top of the Ship Information screen where the portrait of the Capsuleer is located. The link dialogue box would Capsuleers to create links to personally created ship or squadron logos such as the link to the name that I have given my Astero which is Strawberry B*$ch.

The Logo https: dialogue would then show images such as this one.


Yeah … those are not the kind of images you’ll end up being linked to :rofl:


Yip it would be abused to hell and gone, there is also a reason ingame browser was removed :stuck_out_tongue: hint security and more than than things you cannot un-see.


TTP would be, effectively, zero.

So no.

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I could see CCP introducing decals in the plex store. Allowing people to plaster whatever they want on a ship is a recipe for disaster.


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