CCP: An alternative to microtransactions for growing CCP's income

Like you’re not familiar with the word “freeloader” and instead re-define it to your liking? Be careful, you’re showing what’s going on behind that facade you’re keeping up.


Not being able to prove it to work also means that you do not know if it will work. You can hope it does, but hope is not something that corporations value much in their plans.

I have thought your idea through and the only result I see is a decrease in the payments CCP gets from players.


So instead of trolling and bashing… any chance we can come up with ideas for income? Aside from just the one idea everyone else is bashing? Or is there only one provocateur here and a bunch of nay sayers and trolls? Seriously trolly post name for what this ended up being. I’ll come back if I actually see anything constructive.

A few people provided clarifying questions, data, and/or useful input.
The thread drowned in denial and foolishness, but that’s a common effect for any thread in this forum.

I believe you’re right to be interested in the broader picture.

It’s extremely likely that CCP and PearL Abyss are currently enumerating every possible approach to earning money from EVE (along with other normal “new acquisition” analyses). Change is coming …

Is bad, isn’t it.? Started right from the very first post of this topic.

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Thats because the idea he proposed was flawed from the word go, his understanding of the money CCP makes was flawed and his suggestion wouldn’t have even met his own desired outcome of generating more money from CCP, it would have infact resulted in the reverse with less income for CCP, his own idea didn’t work

There aren’t really that many, remaps aren’t really that useful when we have skill injectors so why would people buy a remap when they can just sell the PLEX and buy SP straight up, can’t sell anything that isn’t a cosmetic because selling ships/modules for cash is never going to be a good thing, outside of that all they can really do is add more of what we already have, but there are no guarantees people will buy more items, so realistically unless your goal is to murder the game there isn’t anything else you can add that we don’t already have

To be fair the thread started with denial and foolishness because of your complete inability to understand how CCP’s income actually works, you can’t expect to build a solid structure when the foundations of your building are made of jelly

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All* PLEX in-game were originally bought by someone using real life currency. Once they’re in the game, CCP doesn’t need to care about who uses them (aside from issues like botting, RMT, etc.) because they don’t add any further to their revenue stream.


*Aside from the paltry few handed out for various things.


There are two groups of people. One pays CCP to play and for PLEX. CCP use that money to provide and develop the game. The second group plays but pays no RL money.

Why should today’s PLEX buyers spend less RL money with CCP just because the high-ISK-income parasites started paying CCP? The PLEX they buy is so they can get ISK to buy EVE stuff. They would pay for same amount of RL money for the same EVE stuff with or without the parasites

There’s clearly an opportunity to get RL money from the parasites - if CCP can figure out how to make it work.

It’s quite strange that CCP’s version of a customer loyalty program is to give the product away for free. The usual approach is to provide a few trinkets to keep high-value customers paying - like free rooms in Las Vegas for “whales”.

The PLEX buys only buy PLEX for $$$ because of the people who buy it ingame for ISK, at this point i have to assume you’re trolling

Although to be fair, i had assumed that from the first post


You’re been displaying “EVE denial” since the first post.

Understandable up to a point. EVE players have developed a lot of self-deceiving mantras over the years, and the “reversal” the parasites used to convince themselves they are contributing to CCP has been a round for a while.

But by now it’s 100% denial (perhaps with a little of the other great contributor to misunderstanding simple things).

There have been people in the thread who managed to see past the old mantra and identify questions and issues with my suggestion. I even “seeded” some myself. Try to find one.

Facts are facts and your assertions about CCP’s income are factually incorrect, its got nothing to do with anything anyone has developed, wrong is wrong, and while you’re entitled to your delusions regarding this subject that does not by any means make those delusions correct, you’ve been shown how you’re wrong you refuse to accept that you made a mistake, this means one of a few things, first option is you’re not smart enough to understand how you’re wrong (least likely), second option is you’re too stubborn to accept that you did actually get it wrong and to just let the thread die (moderately possible) or the third option is that you’re just trolling, seeing as you refuse to post using a character you actually play the game on meaning you don’t actually want to have to deal with any of the fallout from this trolling attempt i would rate this as the most likely of the 3 scenarios

You cannot argue against what is factually true and that truth is that forcing every player to pay in $$$ will NOT increase the amount of money CCP makes and will 100% result in them making less per month, the vast majority of PLEX purchased ingame goes to funding omega status and for every single omega paying with PLEX CCP is making more per month of game time than they ever would from a sub, FACT

As a result of the demand for PLEX dropping massively under your plans less people would be buying PLEX, if there is no demand then there will be no supply, its a very very very simple concept to understand, you can only sell PLEX if there is a use for them, people arne’t going to magically keep buying something they don’t need :stuck_out_tongue:

I already found an issue, you just refuse to accept it as you seem to be convinced that people will keep buying thousands and thousands of PLEX from CCP when there is nothing of any real value to spend them on if CCP were dumb enough to follow your suggestion, and people can still believe things that are incorrect, just look at flat earthers and anti-vaxxers, they believe things which have been scientifically proven to be incorrect yet they still insist on being wrong because they honestly believe the lie, so having a few people think you’re right doesn’t make your idea right when its been proven to be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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A reminder: I’m still not reading most of your posts. Of course if you’re writing for others that doesn’t matter. If you’re writing for me, you only get once glance for free: I test approximately the first five lines I see for relevance.

The bold text in the section of your post that I retained above caught my eye because it’s obviously complete nonsense. You’re claiming CCP can’t figure out a way to help (non-parasitic) players convert RL money into ISK so they can buy “EVE stuff”.

You don’t need so much text if your objective is to “shoot yourself in the foot” /lol.

Because the only way to convert PLEX into ISK is to sell it on the market. The biggest reason why people buy PLEX with ISK is so they can get omega. Adding a real money fee to said omega-time with PLEX will severely cut down on the usage of PLEX, which will eventually mean CCP will get less money overall. Not to mention less players around.

What you keep calling “parasites” pay for their omega with time. Time spent grinding ISK for PLEX. Then they have to grind some more for ships, modules, etc. That time spent in-game makes them content for others.


Parasites do not pay CCP. Parasites do not influence the propensity of paying customers to spend money with CCP.

The rest is a matter of “implementation details”. Difficult ones perhaps: CCP hasn’t been successful in finding virtual products players will spend RL money on …

… but given there’s “money on the table” there must be ways for CCP to go after it. For example they could get real money from the parasites by charging RL cash for sovereignty.

AFAIK Linden Labs sells virtual property for RL money, so CCP shouldn’t run into tax problems if they do something similar.

A very interesting read. I have paid for my accounts since late 2008. I currently pay (sub) two accounts at 3 toons per account. I use to sub (5) accounts but over the years was able to transfer necessary toons for ALL that I do inside the game to two accounts. I also purchase PLEX, from CCP only, and that helps me collect PLEX to accomplish ALL the things that I want to inside the game. Thousands of dollars later over that time. I do not look at it like well, is my PLEX worth more ISK or not, will it be worth more later…I just care about the health of the game that I hate to love. In the end, it’s about a game we play. Ultimately, it’s CCP who has to determine IRL if they are financially making it or not. In the end, apparently they were worth something IRL, they were purchased by another gaming company. I am sure this would not have happened without their financials being disclosed and analysed thoroughly. Try and enjoy the game that was created a long time ago; worry less about CCP’s financial woes. As long as I can remember, people have said ‘EVE is dead!’ I’m still paying and waiting…

Thats a lie, because you’re already sure that you’re right and that logic and common sense don’t apply, or you’re trolling, either way you’re not actually reading any of the rational responses at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not complete nonsense, but that would obviously require you to have read the whole post otherwise you’re reading things out of context, and the fact that you’re implying a player group is a parasite is proof that you’re not going to accept anything rational that contradicts your flawed view of the game

Yet the opening post of this thread contains more text than my posts and does exactly what you claim mine does :stuck_out_tongue:

Except you’re wrong, because without people paying for omega time with PLEX there are very few players for people to sell PLEX to, which means they won’t buy it, and at this point the only parasitic thing in this thread is you, because your thread is taking up server resources while contributing nothing of value back

Because shock horror, outside of cosmetics, MCT’s and extractors, which we already have, there isn’t anything, buying remaps is pointless when you can just buy SP, outside of that there really aren’t any services they can offer, they can’t sell any game affecting items like ships and modules directly, so yeah, outside of that there isn’t anything else other than omega time, which is already their largest source of consumed PLEX, remove that and demand for PLEX is going to drop as is the playercount, neither of these things result in increased income for CCP in any universe other than the fictional one you seem to think exists

Except there is no virtual property CCP can sell, nor would they ever be able to, you can’t buy a system nor would CCP ever sell you one, if you want to buy a station then check the citadel market group because you can already buy those with ISK, so as i’ve already said, within the confines of the EVE universe there is nothing more they can actually sell without destroying the game completely which very much stops them from generating ANY income

Its almost like anyone using common sense and logic could come to the same conclusion

There is no “money on the table” People use ISK for omega BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY REAL MONEY. You put a fee on it and people will stop playing, thus CCP makes less money. You cannot be this dense.

I am suggesting that the parasites would pay RL money to play if they had to.

They want to play. Most of them would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount. Hence there’s “money on the table” for CCP.

Of course they don’t pay now, because they don’t have to. But that doesn’t demonstrate that they wouldn’t pay if the free option wasn’t available.

I doubt even you believe your claim that all parasites would stop playing if they had to pay a reasonable amount. Some probably would. 90%? 50%? 10%? I think 80% or more would stay.

Most of those cases play now BECAUSE they don’t have to pay. Some cannot afford it, others have extra characters that run on PLEX because they don’t have use real money to pay for them. Adding a fee on the ability to use PLEX for omega will only end up making CCP less money, not more. There will be far fewer players left playing than paying the extra cost to even get the money back to where it was. This doesn’t even include the decrease in PLEX-sales as there is that much less usage for it.

What the ability to use PLEX for omega allows CCP to do and what it allowed them to do before alpha/omega, was to control the RMT-market to an degree. CCP has never has as big of an issue with RMT as other MMO’s, mostly due to PLEX giving you the ability to buy in-game money legally. Decreasing the usage (and value) of PLEX would only increase RMT and thus also lead to less money for CCP.

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