CCP: An alternative to microtransactions for growing CCP's income


I don’t believe you have any evidence for how many players fit the “parasite profile” you describe.
Until you do, all that can be said is “It’s likely some parasites would stop playing EVE”, but it can’t be quantified.

BTW in case you didn’t see the earlier posts: my suggestion is that each player using PLEX to play should pay one “player month” per month. I.e. not one per account.

I see what CCP is doing with PLEX. Since there are players who will pay RL money for ISK, it makes sense for CCP to find a way to get as much of that that money as they can. PLEX is better than Skins, but it’s not perfect

But that’s not why I started the thread. I thought it would be interesting to look at possible changes in the way money moves between players and CCP, but excluding microtransactions.

There hasn’t been much of a discussion, but it’s been interesting in other ways :slight_smile:

You have equally little evidence that your idea would be beneficial to CCP.

That would still be a big issue for most people, especially if you only have a single account (Yes those people do exist). It would likely cause people to at least cut down the number of their accounts as it would not be worth the hassle to farm the ISK for them as you still have to pay real money.

This idea would basically be a subscription-lite. or a PLEX-tax. There is no way to spin it in a positive way and sell it to the player-base. The whole thing is nothing more than a money-grab and would just degrade the good will that CCP has with the player-base.

If you’re going to force people to pay money they would just switch to a sub instead of using PLEX and that would result in less money for CCP per month of game time, the “player tax” you seem to want already exists because 500 PLEX costs about 60% more than a subscription already

Its very very simple math

And that’s not even needed considering the fact that accounting is a thing and that unconsumed PLEX are a liability for CCP, not counting as profits until consumed. Or the fact that taking this away from players would equal to a mass quitting of epic proportions. Or the fact that it would drive the PLEX market completely nuts, the very second this change would be announced.

I think one should appreciate the efforts others go through in attemping to educate someone, but brick walls usually aren’t good listeners. OP is a clueless wannabe-know-it-all who lacks any and all understanding of how people actually work. If there’s any more proof needed, then this thread plugs that hole completely.

I’m not sure why you’re still posting here. The thread has been in a loop for a couple of weeks…

Too often I click threads that show up at the bottom, despite them being months old. I think in this case though I just went through threads in this subforum.

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The second group of people still has to use PLEX to keep their subscription paid, and thise PLEX were bought from CCP. Either way, CCP is getting paid.

Now, RMT and botting are different, but related, issues. CCP has plenty of reason to crack down on those. But people PLEXing their account via only in-game activity? Not so much.

Almost every new response repeats this exact claim. And ignores the obvious fact that CCP is almost certainly “leaving money on the table”.

Here’s another way to look at it - a post from a different thread with a simple and practical suggestion for how CCP could get their hands on some additional RL money from the parasites:

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